Patriotic American Rallys Are Popping Up Across the Nation

Communities Establishing ‘Election Integrity Patrols’

Remember the Trump Trains and Trump Boat Parades?

Spurred by current White House Resident Joe Biden’s damaging actions and mandates, patriotic American events are popping up again across the nation.

Only this time, citizens are taking serious actions. It’s not just Trump Trains and Boating Parades. The fight to Make America Great Again and solidifying America First agenda has greatly impacted cities, towns and communities throughput the United States.

This is especially true at the local level. Parents are being more vocal and participating in activism in public school districts, community centers and government board meetings.

Between 2006 and 2020, there was an average of 23 recall efforts against an average of 52 school board members each year. The number of school board recalls in 2021 has surpassed that average with 92 efforts against 184 members as of September 24. 

This is the highest number of school board recalls since tracking began in 2006. The next highest year was 2010, with 39 efforts against 91 school board members. Observers predict more recall efforts will begin as parents learn about the new curriculums being introduced to their students in classes.

Laws governing school board recalls differ from state to state. Typically, petitioners must deliver documents to the city or county election office and sometimes to the members they are seeking to recall as well.

In preparing for 2022 elections, many communities are organizing “Election Patrols” to ensure voting integrity around the clock at voting sites (booths, boxes, deliveries, etc.).

Some “Election Patrols” are planning 24-hour surveillance to document all activities during vote processing and counting.

The change in perspective and increase in activism is primarily due to eight reasons:

1) distrust in media,

2) Democratic leaders not taking a stand against looters, terrorists, and illegal aliens,

3) liberal leadership stance on COVID-19 restrictions (closing churches, allowing marches for example), and needless vaccine mandates

4) defunding police,

5) Biden’s destructive executive orders,

6. Biden family criminal China-Ukraine connections and

7. Critical Race Theory and indoctrination curriculums in schools and universities,

8. Voter and Election Fraud.

The next Save America Rally with President Donald J. Trump is Sat, October 09, 2021 – 07:00 pm (CDT) at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, IA. Live entertainment will begin at 2:00PM.

The Patriot Tour has just completed carrying an American Flag through the 48 continental states, escorted by tens of thousands for 110 days straight all in honor of America’s Armed Forces members.

“The Patriot Tour is a vehicle through which we strive to unite Americans beneath the colors of our nation’s Flag and behind the men and women who bravely stand up to defend them,” the organization says. “As one collective force, we work through the Patriot Tou to raise financial support and awareness for the families of wounded veterans.”

Other such patriotic groups include Nation of Patriot’s Tour, The Harley Tour, the Flag Passing Tour, The Patriot’s Flag Tour, the Flag of Patriots Tour, The Honor Flight, and The Moving Flag.


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