Natural Immunity 27 Times More Effective Against COVID Delta ‘Variant’ Virus Than ‘Vaccine’

What we did not know when the pandemic started, was that it was mostly elderly immuno-compromised people  who have already exceeded the average life expectancy — with multiple co-morbidities who are the people who “die of” — or better yet “die with” — coronavirus.

Time taught us that people who “die of” coronavirus actually live longer than people who die without it.

There is a 98.7-99.8 percent survival rate among those who have had Coronavirus. Those who elected not to be “vaccinated” have a zero percent chance of dying from the jabs.

Known for years, it is very common for people with advanced cancers and heart disease to ultimately die of pneumonia or the “flu.”

Later, we noticed that health authorities stopped tracking pneumonia and the seasonal flu.  Since those with actual pneumonia or flu had the symptoms of “COVID,” the financial incentives influenced hospital systems to magically call them COVID patients.

A significant new study from Israel now confirms what millions have believed. Natural immunity from contracting coronavirus provides people with longer-lasting protection against the so-called ‘Delta variant’ than two shots of the experimental Pfizer “vaccine.”

The study by Maccabi Healthcare Service looked at individuals who had either gotten two shots of the vaccine by the end of February or tested positive for COVID-19 by that time. It compared 46,035 Maccabi members who caught the coronavirus at some point during the pandemic and the same number of double-vaccinated people.

🔹People who had two vaccine shots had a six-fold higher chance of getting infected with Delta than patients who hadn’t been vaccinated but previously contracted the coronavirus, according to the research.

The study, published online but not yet peer reviewed, is the largest of its kind. It doesn’t take booster shots — now widely given in Israel — into account, but given that most of the world is still giving a two-dose regimen, has international relevance.

In the two groups, there were 748 cases of SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections, 640 of which were in the vaccinated group and 108 in the previously infected group, which was relying on natural immunity alone. 

🔹The vaccine-dependent people had a seven-fold higher chance of symptomatic infection, and a 6.7-fold higher chance of being hospitalized.

In addition, a sample of 16,215 who were infected during Israel’s third wave in January-February 2021 was compared to an equal number of people vaccinated during that period.

The contrast for these two groups was even starker: 

🔹It showed that Delta had a 27-fold higher chance of breaking through vaccine protection from January and February and causing symptoms than breaking through natural immunity acquired in the same period and causing symptoms.

The authors, led by Dr. Sivan Gazit, deputy head of Maccabi’s research arm, noted that their study is significant for taking a wide time-frame and using a large data sample.

They wrote: “Our large cohort, enabled by Israel’s rapid rollout of the mass-vaccination campaign, allowed us to investigate the risk for additional infection — either a breakthrough infection in vaccinated individuals or reinfection in previously infected ones — over a longer period than thus far described.”


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