Biden’s Vaccination Mandates Speech Torn to Shreds by Over 80 Million

Patriots are not challenging Joe Biden’s authority. They are completely denying it.

Biden, on September 9th, called for mask and vax mandates for Federal employees and private businesses to mandate by firing the unvaxed. His exception to the requirement goes to U.S. Postal Service workers. After all, they helped make the illegal election ballots appeared while disappearing legal ballots.

There is a labor shortage right now. There are no people waiting in line to take over for these employees if they are fired. Businesses will go under if they release all of these people.

Biden announced he will be forcing all 2.1 million federal employees to take the Covid jab or else face firing in the next couple months. Where are they going to get more than at least 500,000 new employees? The new Afghanistan arrivals perhaps?

Biden announced he’s forcing companies with more than 100 employees to either test workers or prove they are vaccinated. How many companies will have little choice but to reduce down to 99 or less employees. More unemployed.

All America needs to do is to say “NO!”

“We must increase vaccinations among the unvaccinated with new vaccination requirements,” Biden said. “This is not about freedom or personal choice.”

This is just on the heels of the atrocious spending bill Biden just sent to Congress.

🔹It includes lifetime welfare and a pathway to citizenship for every unvetted Afghan Biden randomly flew to the US–or will fly and their relatives.

🔹Many of these people were first screened by the Taliban. The bill includes a ton of other freebies too, including a rapid path to citizenship.

🔹Former Afghanistan residents will get the same benefits and there are no immigration caps.


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  1. My note to these traitors along with my medical bills:
    Hey Slo Jo and Ho–heard you are insuring all illegal immigrants; here are all my medical bills from my unfortunate case of blocked intestine. See, as soon as I left the hospital, I identified as an illegal immigrant.
    Send check to 2 hospitals and 1 clinic or send to me as address is on statements—I promise to forward to the appropriate departments.
    This is mere pennies compared to the 84 Billion you spend on illegal immigration EVERY year.
    Oh, and since there’s billions for an amnesty for illegal immigrants, will that make me a dual citizen now? ??LOL!!??!!

    Judy(Joaquina)in Spanish

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  2. Well, this certainly beats it all up until now. Dementia can either render an old person to be a child or bring out the evil demon that has always lurked in their soul. Torches and pitchfork’s folks, that’s the only solution left. I got the vax only because I wanted to be around my grandson. The second dose knocked me on my butt for two days, but I am almost lucid and back to normal. Oh yeah, I’m changing my name to Jose Jimenez, as Bill Dana suggested.

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  3. Screw that crusty old paedophilic bastard! We should dig our heels in on this! Who says companies HAVE to pay any fines! They may get the notice but ignore them! His stupid mandates aren’t worth the paper their printed on if we stick together and civilly disobey!

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