Fans Rally to Help American Graffiti Actor Paul Le Mat In Hard Times

Paul Le Mat, 76, the Golden Globe winning actor famous for his roles in American Graffitti, Aloha Bobby and Rose, Melvin and Howard and other memorable movies of the 1970s-1990s, has fallen on hard times. Hundreds of fans around the world are helping.

Click here to help Paul Me Mat

“If you are a fan of American Graffiti you will want to help this actor,” a GoFundMe account set up for the 76-year-old Vietnam War Veteran states. “PaulLeMat played the award winning character ‘Milner,’ and his quiet retirement is being threatened with eviction.”

“For the last 20 years, Paul has been ill & quietly living in a rented condo in the San Fernando Valley. However, the owner must now sell immediately, and contrary to social media stats, Paul is struggling financially and he only has a few weeks to vacate. He needs our help financially.”

“This is a difficult time for everyone and like Paul, no baby-boomers, Veterans nor actors are exempt from the pandemic’s plight,” the fund manager, CR Cochrane, wrote. “Due to Paul’s illness, he has not been able to perform in an arena he loves so much.”

“We all remember being drawn into American Graffiti’s iconic cast, including the mysterious lure of “Milner’s” dark eyes as he summons Harrison Ford’s character and then leaves him in the dust; or perhaps you remember Paul’s innate camaraderie with Jason Robards in “Melvin and Howard”.”

“Paul fondly remembers those days and says he would work forever if he could, but the reality is: he cannot, and he needs our help. Let’s ensure that Paul is not left homeless & on the streets. Let’s give him the dignity he deserves, by donating what you can, and sharing his plight with friends and family. Thank you CR Cochrane (former Social Worker).”

Click here to help Paul Me Mat

Marc Sorger, who immediately donated $800 as soon as he heard, responded, “It goes without saying that you’ve inspired millions of people throughout your career. Even more importantly though, you’ve inspired people with your kindness as a good man. This world needs a lot more kindness right now. I’m paying it forward for all you’ve done and saying thank you sir, your kind heart has not gone unnoticed. ♥”

“Like so many kids growing up in the 70s Paul LeMat as John Milner was the coolest of the cool,” said Christopher Tiernan. “As I watched his other film roles I learned what a spectacular actor he is. In the age of social media I’ve been able to follow him and learn what a kind and gracious person he is. He is appreciative and responsive to his fans and quite obviously leads the life of meaning and purpose consistent with a strong faith. I’m glad to do a teeny part to help him out and wish I could contribute more.”

“It’s not much, but I hope it helps.” commented Tina Curtis. “I’ve loved your work since I was a kid. Much love from Minnesota!”

“Nobody should be homeless and Paul should be safe,” wrote donater Mark Seek.

“I loved Paul Le Mat in American Graffiti and More American Graffiti and bought and read all his books,” said Della Patton. “Now he needs help, and I want to help him.”

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  1. Paul, Harbor High wants you to be inducted into their Hall of Fame this October 13th. Please contact the NHHS Alumni Association, Sara Joyce Robinson, for details. Also, our next class reunion is September 16, 2023 and you’re just got to be there! YOU HAVE SO MANY FANS !!!


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