Democrats Lose Far More Friends From China Virus COVID-19 Arguments Than Republicans, New Poll

Democrats significantly lose more friends from disagreements about COVID-19 than Republicans do according to a new U.S. national poll.

24 percent of Democrats responded “yes” versus only 15 percent of GOP voters who said they lost friends because of differences in opinion about the Chinese Wuhan Virus. Independents were closer to the overall number at 18 percent.

YouGov poll data

The survey, released Thursday by YouGov asked respondents “Have you lost any friendships because of differences in opinion related to the COVID-19 pandemic?”

Overall, 20 percent responded “yes,” 68 percent responded “no,” and another 11 percent replied “Don’t know.”

Among Democrats, 40 percent said they’ve lost a close friend or family member to the disease, while 26 percent of Republicans said the same.


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  1. I lost a long-time friend due to an argument about Covid. Our views on politics are so divergent, so polar opposite, we simply cannot talk about politics. Last year, as she was lamenting about how people didn’t want to wear masks and how awful that was, I tried to explain that masks are like putting a chain link fence on your face. They simply do not help against the transmission of the virus. She watches all the leftist news channels. I told her she really needed to stop watching that drivel. Then she hung up on me. That was over a year ago. We haven’t spoken since. I have reached out, but all I get is crickets. Probably for the best. I haven’t changed my views and I’m sure she hasn’t either.

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      • No, not about ego at all. I simply have a hard time with the doomsday leanings of the leftist world-view. Even with the world in the chaotic mess it’s in–brought on by leftist politicians and their blind followers–I am an optimist because I know God is ultimately in control. He has a plan and it’s for the good of those who love him and are called according to His purpose.

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  2. I’ve lost a few friends myself over all this. However, I look at it this way. Were they ever really my friends to begin with? To me, it was only a reveal of who was for real and who was fake. So, I never really lost anyone, did I? The trash only took itself out and saved me the trouble.

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