Why Are So Many State Officials Visiting the Arizona Audit?

Did President Trump ever concede the election?

Headlines from the obviously tainted fake media reveal how worried Democrats and their masters are about the Arizona Election Audit.

Some are almost laughable like The Guardian (“…backed by secret donors linked to Trump’s inner circle”) and Boston Globe (“Inside the bizzare Arizona audit…”):

Look what predictably pops up first doing a search of “Arizona Audit”:

In response to our highly read The Runbeck Connection” series, CleverJourneys has fielded several responses and comments about the Arizona Audit indicating a common theme: President Donald J. Trump never conceded the November 2020 Presidential Election.

Below is a compilation of what these responses indicate:

Something many people are missing in this Arizona election audit is that the Democrats and corporate media will likely take the position when the state is de-certified, Biden still has enough electoral votes so it doesn’t matter.

Except it does in a big way.
Because the part everyone is missing is that Trump still has not conceded the election. This is very important for what comes next.

You see, if Arizona decertifies their results the ENTIRE election is now in question. Congress cannot certify election until ALL states have certified.

Just like a state cannot certify unless 100% of their counties certify, the same is true of a national election with the states themselves.

As Trump hasn’t conceded, he now has a right to contest the entire election and that will mean the remaining 49 states will have to conduct a full forensic audit as a result.

Why do you think so many states are visiting AZ for the audit right now, including states that supposedly already went Trump and didn’t have contested election issues? They know what is coming.

World is watching the actions of the uncooperative Board of Supervisors in Maricopa County.

Do you all remember prior to the 2018 election Trump signed an Executive Order making national elections a matter of national security?

If even ONE state shows fraud it calls into question the results of the entire election. Fraud quashes everything.

Being a matter of national security now puts it under the purview of who as forensic audits are performed state by state?

If you answered the military you are on the right track.

Now, the states will TRY to claim that it is state sovereignty and the Feds cannot do that. However, the military is NOT federal – it belongs to the individual states as that is where the citizens in the military are derived from.

Therefore, the state being a part of the US means the military in each state may take over. True, citizen soldiers from Texas, for example, could not oversee the audit in Michigan, but the military will be able to oversee it just fine.

There will be states that will take this up on their own to avoid the military. There will be states that will resist. However, as Trump warned them BEFORE certifying the results, the legislatures in states that resist and refuse to do audits will now find themselves embroiled in accessory to fraud once the audits are done.

Once the election is “on hold,” while results are determined, it means the current fraud President is technically not holding office. But neither is the former President.

So who gets to run things while this all gets sorted out? How do you introduce all the military evidence they collected in the sting?

The military will be LEGALLY engaged in a national security issue and then they turn up with the evidence of foreign involvement.

This is why you only need ONE state to turn up fraud.

Note that this is presented by CleverJourneys as a news item of a topic being shared across the country. We admittedly don’t understand the legalities or potentiality of this scenario, however, it merits consideration and pursuit.

We must not let go of the fact that it is state and local election officials who have the primary authority for protecting elections, from voter registration to the casting of ballots to the counting of votes and that includes protecting against fraud and cyber-attacks.



  1. Is Runbeck part of the Arizona election audit? They are part of the ballot chain of custody. What happens to the return to sender ballots. How are they accounted ?


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