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Breaking: Supreme Court Rules Illegal Immigrants Temporarily Protected Are Not Eligible For Green Cards

The Supreme Court unanimously held Monday that immigrants in the United States who are temporarily protected from deportation are not eligible for a green card if they entered the country illegally. “…immigration laws provides a way for a “nonimmigrant”—a foreign national lawfully present in this country on a designated, temporary […]

Attorney Lin Wood Discusses the Whistleblower and Supreme Court

Verbatim from Atlanta attorney Lin Wood—here are excerpts in his own words about the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts and the Whistleblower in an interview with Stew Peters: https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2021/01/exclusive-lin-wood-live-on-patriotically-correct-radio-with-stew-peters/ ———– Lin Wood’s team interviewed the Washington D.C. Deep State tell-all insider in January and February, 2021. ________ […]