The Whistleblower Interview About Biden, Hunter, Underage Sex and FBI

Part 4 Lin Wood Whistleblower Series. The interview with Ryan D. White.

INTERVIEWER: “Okay, Ryan. We’re just gonna ask you one more — discuss a little bit more about what you know about Joe Biden and his predilections towards young children and pedophilia and child pornography and what you’re aware of from the conversations you’ve had with Rosenstein and the Dirty Trick Squad.”

“Biden’s a well-known pedophile,” Ryan D. White said in his testimony to Lin Wood’s staff in February 2021. “It’s disgusting. Me and Mrs., we’ve seen him and family members, him and other children.”

“Most people have seen now the image of him sniffing children on — in an official capacity. It’s an awards ceremony or promotion ceremony. And many times he can’t wait, is the problem. It’s not like he’s just over there doing that. Those children have been promised to him for his role in the securities positions for their family members, for their parents.”

“So, he can’t control himself because he’s anticipating his payoff. So, that’s why you see these sniffing videos, things like that. Some of them are just him being a disgusting pervert.”

“The other ones, these are payments that he’s going to get soon, that night, because he had come through on his. Obama would make all kinds of deals, promote people to this or that, but he always had to get — his percentage is 10 percent. He had to get something to keep him quiet.”

“There’s just unbelievable amounts of child porn online, and the DOJ has terabytes of it, but anything confiscated, anything used, was formatted for him for easy use by Shaun Bridges, and it would just — it would play.”

“You could just click one thing. ‘Cause he wasn’t very computer suave. He could just click play and it would just play you through everything that was on there due to the format, ’cause many of the things were different types of files — phone and camcorder, this or that computer, and he would put them on there for him and separate pictures and video as one click. Then you could go through. And that’s one of the jobs that Bridges had.”

“They would be supplied to him, then he would go off to Delaware and he would — that’s how they kept him happy and quiet and kept him out of Obama’s hair. He never spent any time in D.C. at night. He’d always go up to Delaware.”

“As far as Delaware, there is a judge, Emmet Sullivan, Emmet G. Sullivan. He owns — or he did own — I think he’s sold a couple now — but he was the one who owned the homes in Lewes, Delaware. He owned three or four homes — they were all the same, small, single-family homes with a double-car garage with a door — and these were the homes that Biden used to be supplied with children.”


“And Sullivan is the same way, but he was doing things there with the little granddaughter and everything, and so was his one son. But these are the homes that he used, and Sullivan owned them.”

“Like I said, he has sold a couple since then, but the records are all there; they’re all already obtained. They’re about 20 minutes away from Biden’s compound in Delaware. And he was to be brought in in the back seat or SUVs, ride in and the other person showed up, and most of the
time they were there ahead of time.”

“He would just come in, spend whatever time he had in the back and go back out, nobody saw a thing. Delaware’s also a huge smuggling operation. Not well known. But, I mean, Delaware is a good corporate state, you know, for corporate protection, but it’s also a humongous haven for registering yachts.”

“Thousands upon thousands of yachts are registered there, and they’re also used for smuggling, I mean, higher-end children — which is disgusting to even say — but the higher-end clients, the guests, the ones that pay more, through Delaware into Jersey and New York and down.”

“It’s one of the big pitstops for smuggling these children to the higher-end clients into D.C. and then go.”

INTERVIEWER: “Are you aware of any of the types of — like the types of children that Biden would mostly request?”

“He had boys, too,” White responded. “He liked girls. He preferred girls…Pretty much anywhere, like five, six up to 14, 15. He didn’t care. He preferred 12 or 13.He did not like black girls. I know that was a problem.”

“Sullivan had offered his granddaughter and he wouldn’t do it because he thought they were all dirty. He — it’s — Biden’s like that, too. He’s disgusting in every way.”

INTERVIEWER: “Are there any suits or any complaints against Biden for these types of allegations?”

“Really, they’ve been quiet,” said White. “They were all kept quiet. They’ve been manipulated. His wife is naaaaasty. His wife knew what he was like when she married him and hidden it all along.”

Pences, Bidens

“When he was on the campaign trail, before this one, obviously he couldn’t be supplied with his normal appetite of children, so they sent the little granddaughter or the nieces out to keep him quiet and happy on the campaign trail in these various states. Those poor children have never known anything but abuse and terror. So, she — his wife managed all that. She gave him access to the special children in the school that she worked at years ago.”

INTERVIEWER: “Are there any rumors of tapes with Biden on it moving around the –“

Hunter and recent wife.

“There are. Biden’s a lot smarter about that than his son, obviously, but there are tapes,” White answered.
“Hunter supposedly had some of them. But there are videos that he’s made. There are Skype videos where it’s him — but it’s from here down — with a child doing this where he’s talking to someone else and you can’t see the face. We can identify him by nipples or something, but it’s — it’s him. So, he’s (Joe) just a lot more suave about that. He’s been a politician a long time. He’s more careful.”

“I don’t think he carries a phone anymore, his staff takes care of phones, so there’s nothing really close.”

INTERVIEWER: “What can you tell us about the Hunter Biden abuse? Was there abuse towards Hunter by him — that you know of? Hunter Biden as, you know, individual –“

Joe and Beau

“Oh yeah,” White immediately answered. Yeah. “It was his other son that was the one he picked to be the political successor. And Beau actually covered up a big abuse scandal at the hospital, this one doctor, and many other things Beau had covered up, stuff — accusations against Biden — Joe Biden. He was attorney general before he passed away, and he covered up cases and accusations against Joe Biden. He had covered up a doctor at the hospital with over a thousand victims. And Biden has copies of those that he was provided by his son, Beau. He was given copies of everything the doctor had.”

“The doctor was videotaping this stuff in his office when he was abusing over a thousand children, and he was given copies of it, loved it.”

“As far as Hunter’s laptop, I haven’t seen it. What I’ve been told from them was that the FBI got it originally
and they immediately went through and took out anything that would implicate them or Biden or anything like that, but the one that came from the repair shop is the whole copy that’s still on there. So, the original FBI copy is not gonna match the one they’ve got now.”

“So, I guess the main tie-in for you for most of this information has been through Shaun Bridges as he was editing and putting these things together to be given to Biden.”

INTERVIEWER: “Are there any other corroborating accounts or other people that have been in your circle that would be able to back these up as far as –“

“Well, yeah. I mean, there’s the other people in the Dirty Trick Squad. I mean, that absolutely exists. There are actually references to it in court documents. I’ve referenced it in court documents. But good luck with them. I mean, they’re going to be admitting to what? Murder?”

“Planting child porn? Treason? Sedition? I mean, you’d have to make a helluva deal to get them to talk…But, I mean, I certainly know what’s going on. They certainly know me. The FBI’s not gonna talk; they’re dirty as the day is long. They should be disbanded.”

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  1. The People who are awake know that Biden’s a pedophile. The un-awakened wouldn’t believe it, even if they saw him in a video. There are also some who know,but would still prefer him an Trump. What sort of world are we living in. I cant wait for the day when they drag these filthy , sub-human bastards are EXECUTED. As far as I’m concerned, all those in FBI, Obama Gov and anyone else who helped cover it up and protect Biden, should spend the rest of their lives in GITMO.
    When are these evil people going to be arrested (by the Military)? And when is DJT going to take back his Presidency?


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