Clint Eastwood Was Right About Hollywood Punks, He Made My Day

It took 3,048 days to write this article. Just to be certain, with all the patience one could muster, I wanted to be absolutely certain. Looking back all those 99 months or 72,950 hours ago, with 100 percent confidence and credence, I can make the following statement:

Clint Eastwood’s was right when he spoke at the Republican National Convention on Aug. 30, 2012. 

Eastwood August 30, 2012.

Eastwood, looking at an empty chair as if he was talking to Barack Obama, said, “You’re crazy, you’re absolutely crazy.  You’re getting as bad as Biden. Of course we all know Biden is the intellect of the Democratic party. Kind of a grin with a body behind it.”

It drew one of the loudest applauses of the night. Even then, America knew Biden was a joke, and there could never be a legitimate reason he could come close to being president.

For many Americans, that date was the beginning of the end for Hollywood and the propaganda media.

The legendary macho icon was right again when he decided to defy a Hollywood boycott against and filmed his 2019 movie Richard Jewell on location in Georgia.

Immediately after his 2012 speech, left wing media pundits and the liberal Hollywood machine attacked.

But others in the non-Hollywood, non-propaganda media part of the entertainment business, praised him.

CNN wrote that Eastwood’s speech “sparked laughs, criticism and confusion as he carried on a conversation with an empty chair, harping its ‘occupant,’ President Barack Obama, for four years of what he called failed policy and bad politics…”

I had high hopes for Eastwood being able to conquer the China controlled Hollywood elite after his speech. In the 1970s, I was honored to interview him between Thunderbolt and Lightfoot and the Eiger Sanction films and remain a devoted fan.

Jack Dennis after interviewing Eastwood in the 1970s.

Despite the Tinseltown press and mainstream media attacks, Eastwood went on to make more remarkable movies including Jersey Boys (2014), American Sniper (2014), Sully (2016), The Mule (2018), and Richard Jewell.

Today Eastwood remains the most daring conservative in Hollywood. The now 90-year-old star of cinema classics like The Good, The Bad and the Ugly and Dirty Harry is still going strong.

While the Chinese owned AMC Theaters and the same movie industry that gave us Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Rob “Meathead” Reiner wither away, our hero Eastwood continues to buck every hissy fit they can muster.

Here are some highlights from Eastwood famous speech that night.

   I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking, what’s a movie tradesman doing out here?  You know they are all left wingers out there, left of Lenin.  At least that is what people
think.  That is not really the case. There are a lot of conservative people, a lot of moderate people, Republicans,
Democrats, in Hollywood.  It is just that the conservative people by the nature of the word itself play closer to the vest. They do not go around hot dogging it.

 So — but they are there, believe me, they are there.  I just think, in fact, some of them around town, I saw John Voigt, a lot of people around.
   John’s here, an academy award winner.  A terrific guy.
These people are all like-minded, like all of us.

 I remember three and a half years ago, when Mr. Obama won the election. And though I was not a big supporter, I was watching that night when he was having that thing and they were talking about hope and change and they were talking about, yes we can, and it was dark outdoors, and it was nice, and people were lighting candles. They were saying, I just thought, this was great.

Everybody is trying, Oprah was crying.

I was even crying.  And then finally — and I haven’t cried that hard since I found out that there is 23 million
unemployed people in this country.

   Now that is something to cry for because that is a disgrace, a
national disgrace, and we haven’t done enough, obviously — this
administration hasn’t done enough to cure that.  

Whatever interest they have is not strong enough, and I think possibly now it may be time for somebody else to come along and solve the problem.

 (Looking at the empty chair)
  So, Mr. President, how do you handle promises that you have
made when you were running for election, and how do you handle them?

I know even people in your own party were very disappointed when
you didn’t close Gitmo.  And I thought, well closing Gitmo — why close that? We spent so much money on it… I thought maybe it was just because somebody had the stupid idea of trying terrorists in downtown New York City.

I know you were against the war in
Iraq, and that’s okay.  But you thought the war in Afghanistan was OK.
You know, I mean — you thought that was something worth doing.  We didn’t check with the Russians to see how they did it. They did there for
10 years.

 You’re crazy, you’re absolutely crazy.  You’re getting as bad as Biden. Of course we all know Biden is the intellect of the Democratic party. Kind of a grin with a body behind it.

  I never thought it was a good idea for attorneys to the president, anyway. I think attorneys are so busy — you know they’re always taught to argue everything, and always weight everything — weigh both sides…They are always devil’s advocating this and bifurcating this and bifurcating that.  You know all that stuff.

But, I think it is maybe time — what do you think — for maybe a businessman.  How about that? A stellar businessman.  

Two conservative Hollywood legends. James Woods and Clint Eastwood.

 I would just like to say something, ladies and gentlemen. Something that I think is very important.  It is that, you, we own this country. We own it.  It is not you owning it, and not politicians owning it.  Politicians are employees of ours.

 And  — so — they are just going to come around and beg for votes every few years.  It is the same old deal.  But I just think it is important that you realize , that you’re the best in the world. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican or whether you’re libertarian or whatever, you are the best.  And we should not ever forget that. And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go.


  1. Oooh! I’m a huge Clint Eastwood fan! He made my day too! I love that he isn’t afraid to call it like it is! And I love that he didn’t let Hollywood stop him from making his own movies! He flat gave Hollywuss the proverbial middle finger! 😂🤣😂🤣

    Liked by 3 people

  2. John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, and Clint Eastwood. My favorite actors of all time, all conservatives. We still have Clint. Hope he stays for many more years.

    Liked by 3 people

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