Americans Are Readying For D-Day 2021 Style With Marches and Rallies

The cheating, lying, and corruption has maxed out. Enough is enough. The jig is up. Patriotic Americans are about to have their D-Day 2021 Style.

The Silent Majority will be loud with scores of marches, rallies, trains, rides and protests leading up to the Inaguration of Donald J. Trump.

Billed as the “single largest protest advocating for the rights and freedoms of all people in the United States,” Refuse To Be Silenced marches are planned in every state capitol and at the federal capitol in Washington DC.

“Attendees are asked to arrive armed with signs, sound making devices, speeches planned and whatever attire makes their statement the most pronounced.”

“This will be a chance for Americans young and old to physically demonstrate to the world the massive amount of armed citizens in this country.”

“It will be a peaceful demonstration to send a message to those in favor of gun control that Americans exist” who “will defend our nation, defend ourselves, defend our families and defend our rights from all threats foreign and domestic.”

“It will be a message that as a whole, The United States is fed up with the decimation of our rights slowly and one at a time. It will be a showing of Americans who no longer wish to remain content with the political destruction of the culture of our nation.”

“It will be a UNIFIED effort by ANY owner of firearms in this nation to be physically represented and seen by your leaders for what you are; a force not to be trifled with.”

Other events include:

Stop the Steal events are in all 50 states.

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