Texas Attorney General Puts Soros Owned Austin DA in His Place

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released the following statement on the violence at the Texas State Capitol and the assault of a state trooper:

“This week, a state trooper was assaulted in the Texas Capitol by an individual who participated in a demonstration by transgender activists who were attempting to disrupt the proceedings of the Texas House of Representatives,” Paxton began.

“The individual was arrested and charged with assault on a peace officer, resisting arrest, and disturbing a public meeting,” he continued.

“The individual was then booked into the Travis County jail,” he noted. “Within hours, Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza dropped the charges.”

“Jose Garza is a rogue District Attorney who is endangering the safety of law enforcement officers by signaling that violence against them will not be punished as long as an assailant shares Garza’s extremist political views.”

“His contempt for the law risks encouraging more violent acts, especially against law enforcement officers and legislators.”

“Garza’s indifference to political violence is a threat to public safety and an attempt to intimidate those who disagree with his extremist agenda.”

“I encourage the Legislature to act swiftly to rein in rogue prosecutors like Mr. Garza to protect the public. Furthermore, the Texas House should demonstrate that they will not be intimidated and immediately pass Senate Bill 14 to ban acts of child abuse such as so-called ‘gender transitioning’ surgical procedures and prescribing puberty-blocking drugs for minors.”

Garza was forced to apologize

Last month, Garza’s office merely gave Antonio Rios, 36, only probation (and virtually a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card) for attacking jogger Lynne Isaak and breaking her leg in four places.

“It just shows how truly vicious the attack was,” Isaak said. “He really looked at me like I was his prey.”

“My expectation was that he would have prison time according to the Travis County sentencing guidelines,” Isaak said. “We felt confident that with the evidence that exists on these cases, that if taken to a trial, a jury would have found him guilty.”

Rios has a reported history of indecent exposure in front of others, including a 9-year-old boy, but that case has not come to trial.

Garza’s office’ tweet

In 2020, Garza indicted 19 Austin Police officers for subduing violent riots in the far-left liberal city.

This in spite of the fact these officers had been cleared of wrongdoing following the riots.



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