Impact of Immigrants in US is Tremendous

The U.S. Census Bureau says every 22 seconds, one “international migrant” becomes a new member of America’s census population.

Human smuggling is profound with open border

Ramifications of the Biden Administration’s illegal alien stance are horrifically destructive.

“Our reality is this. We have delivered over $26 million in uncompensated care to these individuals in the 12-month period of time from December 2021 to November 2022,” Dr. Robert Trenschel revealed, CEO of the primary hospital in southwest Arizona.

“That is an auditable figure,” Dr. Trenschel continued. “Let me assure you, it is not an approximation. That number comes from a detailed review of unpaid patient bills directly attributed to migrant patients.

“The closest hospitals that do what we do are located 180 miles away in Phoenix or San Diego,” said the CEO of the hospital leader.

Border officials have, so far, encountered more than 95,000 migrants in that area crossing into Arizona illegally in fiscal year 2023. That figure is the size of Yuma City’s entire population.


● In 1990, there were about 20 million immigrants in the U.S., and by 2018 that number had more than doubled to 45.8 million (13.7% of total US population).

● Estimated figures indicate that today, in March 2023, that number could be over 60 million. No one really knows. It could be much more.

● As of March 1, 2023, total U.S. census population is 334,441,715.

● By the time you read this article, 25 more immigrants will have illegally crossed America’s southern border.

● In 16 states, the annual number of births is increasing considerably solely because of births to immigrant mothers.

● In Washington state, births increased 12% – the result of an 18% increase in total births attributable to immigrant women, which counteracted a 5% decline in total births attributable to U.S.-born women.

● While 13% of all people in the U.S. were immigrants in 2015, 23% of all births were to immigrant women. We have no clue how much that figure is since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been in office.

● Share of births attributed to immigrant moms varies markedly from state to state, in part because immigrants are more highly concentrated in some states than others.

More than one-third of all births to women living in New Jersey (38%), New York (37%) and California (37%) were to immigrant women in 2015, as were at least 30% of all births in Maryland, Massachusetts and Florida.

● Shares of births were lower to foreign-born women living in West Virginia (3%), Montana (4%) or Mississippi (5%).

“We are dealing with an invasion,” Rep. Chip Roy (Texas-R) called out the Biden White House and Democrats last year. “We are dealing with Texans dying from fentanyl pouring into our communities.”

“Our ranchers are getting overrun, their livestock are getting out, their fences are getting cut,” Rep. Roy noted. “Our communities are dealing with that.”

Because Biden’s administration refuses to stop the invasion border state residents are increasingly looking towards language in Article I of the Constitution.

This allows for States to “engage in War” when it has been “actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay” without the approval of Congress.

They also note Article IV says the U.S. “shall protect each [state] against invasion.”



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