Breaking: President Trump Releases Statement on Democrat, Deep State Witchhunt

Patriotic Americans are responding with intense anger and determination.

On March 30, 2023, former US President Donald J. Trump issued this statement:

The response against Democrats, RINOS, Deep State and Big Media is enormous.

This was rapidly shared by fellow Americans throughout Twitter, Gab and other social media.
Nancy Pelosi chimed in.
Evidence, but no arrest.
Alvin Bragg is also being deemed the ‘Soros Slave’ by some in social media.
Over 2800 views within minutes.



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    • Good idea. Why stop there? Some prosecutor in a rural red state should go after the Soros family, Hunter Biden among other democratic politicians and operatives. There can be civil and criminal cases.

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  1. This is partly the fault of the GOP. They refused to impeach Obama, refused to go after Hillary Clinton, and it’s doubtful that Biden and his family will be held accountable. The GOP let the Democrats take over the country, and we are now witnessing a Democratic Party dictatorship in the making. I, for one, will not live under a Biden or Democratic Party dictatorship. I will be part of the Resistance. It’s better to die free.

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