Green Beret Foundation Announces New President & CEO

The Green Beret Foundation, which provides U.S. Army Special Forces Soldiers and their families with emergency, immediate and ongoing support, is pleased to announce the appointment of Charles “Charlie” Iacono as its new president and chief executive officer, effective April 17, 2023.

“As the Green Beret Foundation strategically plans to care for the needs of Green Berets whose lives have and will be touched by current and future conflicts around the globe, we continue to honor our commitment to the care and support of all who have ever worn the beret,” said Lieutenant General Ken Tovo, U.S. Army, Retired, chairman of Green Beret Foundation Board of Directors.

“Given the ambitious scope of this mission, it is fitting that we choose a leader with deep expertise and historic success in the leadership of charitable organizations,” Tovo noted. “The Board and I feel strongly that Charles Iacono is this person.”

Iacono brings a wealth of experience to the position, having served at the USO as their senior development and board relations officer. He has a deep understanding of the military and the unique needs and challenges faced by the Green Beret community and is committed to continuing the foundation’s mission of providing support to these brave men and women and their families. 

“I am honored to join and lead the Green Beret Foundation as its new president and CEO,” said Charles Iacono. “It is a privilege to have the opportunity to advance the organization’s mission and vision.”

“Together with our outstanding teammates at GBF, I look forward to enhancing the organization’s capability to support our community of Green Berets of the past, present, and future – and their families – who have committed their lives to serving our great nation. In the weeks ahead, I am excited to meet and learn more about the community, the history of the Regiment, and how we as a foundation can meet and exceed their expectations.”

SAN ANTONIO, March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/

About the Green Beret Foundation

The Green Beret Foundation (GBF) provides all generations of U.S. Army Special Forces Soldiers and their families with emergency, immediate, and ongoing support. GBF assists over 5,000 Special Forces families each year.

Since its inception in 2009, GBF has invested 84%, or 84 cents of every dollar, into its programs and services, which has totaled over $16 million that has directly supported the Regiment and its families.

GBF is the only nonprofit solely dedicated to supporting Green Berets and their families that has achieved a 4-Star Rating with Charity Navigator for two years consecutively. 


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  1. Charles (Charlie) reminded me of Not Bob. A boss that was being introduced to another boss as Bob at work. He stopped him and said “Not Bob, Robert”. Almost from that moment, he was referred to by all as “Not Bob”, and I mean bosses called him Not Bob, he was referred to on the two way radio as Not Bob, his desire to be Robert yielded Not Bob.

    A different Charles, a man I imposed on a friend to ride home, (he lived near us, and he was going to take a bus, so I asked my friend that drove if he would let him ride with us). As I talked, the man said his name was Charles. I said is Charlie ok? He said no, Charles. From that point on I called him Chuck, and I did it in an exaggerated, almost Charlie Brown comic style.

    Charles of the article here is praiseworthy, my stories do not reflect on him, and I enjoyed reading the article. But the Charles part reminded me of Chuck. Hope you and others find it as amusing as I do.

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