Is America Waking Up Against the Liberal Woke?

Is liberalism contrary to the laws of God and nature?


  It is unnatural and has brought down on society things such as affirmative action and racial quotas, legitimization of same-sex “marriage,” numerous genders, open borders, denigrating traditional Christian beliefs, the war on free speech, and indoctrination of the young in the public schools and universities. 


 All these are presented in schools, media and propaganda as great things in today’s culture, but none has been the result of a democratic process.  


They’ve been forced on society by the ruling establishment, the same establishment that has time and time again shown itself to be corrupt, decadent, and self-serving. 


Proof occurred when President Donald Trump and his Make America Great Again agenda breached liberalism’s monopoly.  


Trump is not the end of the unraveling of the liberal super-theory, but more Americans are waking up against the “Woke.”


In 1 Timothy 4:1, Paul writes that “The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.”

Biden-Obama Military
Good question





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  1. As you would have expected, when I looked at the illustration captured of the “Satanic Temple After School Satan Club,” the central figure seems to be very much like a logo for a Christian ministry to children called Awana. While I cannot find the old logo, the newer logo still retains the large heads and skinny necks of the cartoon figures. In the old logo, the positioning of the arms and head was almost identical.

    While the mockers may see it as sarcasm or satirical humor, it just seems that neither Satan or his followers can come up with anything original.

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  2. you might be right about people waking up, i think i got my liberal brother to check out news max, i keep praying…. GODSPEED

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