The ‘San Francisco of Texas’, Austin, Has Over 3,500 Employees Earning Over $100,000 Each Year

Deemed the “San Francisco of Texas,” the state capital, Austin, has 3,569 public employees earning a salary of over $100,000 annually.

Austin has worst traffic in Texas. Crime rates are soaring. termed these city employees the “Austin $100,000 Club.”

“While crime skyrockets in the neighborhoods, the homeless occupy public spaces, and inflation decimates private-sector paychecks, the Austin city public employee class is living the good life,” the website indicates.

Meanwhile, Austin’s city council to experience a growing public backlash and embarrassment, by allowing homeless individuals to camp in nearly every public space throughout the city. This led to a documented and drastic increase in the city’s homeless population, an increase in public safety risk, and a slew of law enforcement, elected officials, and more than 100,000 citizens calling for the council to reverse their decision.

By 2020, homicides increased 64 percent year over year (along with double-digit spikes in other forms of violent crime). What did the city council do? They cut the police budget by one-third. Guess what happened to city council and their devoted liberal employees?

This past year, OpenTheBooks auditors made startling discoveries such as the general manager of the electric utility Jacqueline Ann Sargeant generated an income of $423,858 – out earning the U.S. President ($400,000). Sargeant’s pay was tops among the 19,275 city employees in 2021, they said.

‘The highly compensated Spencer Cronk is one of the top paid city managers in the country. In 2021, Cronk earned $380,393,’ they revealed. “Last year, Cronk also employed an expensive team: a six-figure assistant ($109,471), an executive assistant ($80,218), and an executive secretary ($76,431).” 
Austin’s “deputy city manager” has a $276,016 base salary and four “assistant city manager(s)” had base salaries between $250,619 and $260,104. 
In August, 2022, the mayor and city council voted themselves a 40-percent increase in salary. Therefore, in 2023, the mayor will earn $134,191 and the council members $116,421. (COMPARISON: In San Antonio – a larger city with 1.4 million residents vs. only 964,000 in Austin – the mayor makes $61,725 and council members $45,722.)  
Austin city attorney Ann Morgan ($258,185) out earned the Texas attorney general ($153,750) by over $100,000. Their liberal police chief Joseph Chacon ($230,006) out earned the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security ($203,500). The transportation director Robert Spillar ($217,297) earned almost as much as the U.S. Secretary of Transportation ($221,400), a cabinet level position.  

Austin city director of parks and recreation Kimberly McNeeley ($191,570) was close in pay to Texas director of parks and wildlife ($200,643), while library director Roosevelt Weeks ($190,195) had pay in the range of the highest paid executives at the National Archive and the Smithsonian Institution ($201,400). For additional context, the director of the Chicago Public Library earned $167,004 last year. 

In total, they found 109 “directors,” “assistant directors,” or “deputy directors” in the city agencies who collectively made nearly $19 million last year – an average base salary of $170,000 each. 

TOP 10 OUT OF 109 Austin City “Directors” FY2021 
The average base salary for the 109 city directors, assistant directors, or deputy directors is $170,000 per year.  

NameTitle Base Salary 
G. Meszaros Dir, Austin Water $218,836.80 
R. Spillar Dir, Transportation $217,297.60 
R. Mendoza Dir, Public Works $217,297.60 
L. Snipes Dir, Austin Resource Recovery $213,283.20 
K. Garrett Dir, AE Envirn Hlth&Sfty Svcs $199,243.20 
D. Kadavy Laboratory Director $203,340.80 
R. McHale Dep Dir, Austin Rsc Recovery $197,267.20 
Y. Lucas Dir Development Services $200,491.20 
R. Truelove Dir, Hsng&Plng $196,476.80 
J. Morales Dir, Wtrshd Prot & Dev Rev $197,683.20 


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  1. Austin has this idea that it’s the center of the Texas universe. Texas doesn’t exist outside of their city limits. My wife gave me a 3 year subscription to Texas Monthly, and I usually trash it without cracking a page. Gone are the days of fair reporting of Steven Harrigan and others, now we have whiny little liberals with ear lobe extenders in skinny jeans. If I don’t visit that city before I die, I will be happy. I left too much money there when my son attended Texas State.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Chip Roy’s district is a very conservative area centered by Kerrville (2 hrs away from Austin) Fredericksburg & the Hill Country. The far eastern part of his area reaches to the southwest Austin, the most conservative place near the state capital. Most of Texas deplores the liberal infested city.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Joe Rogan left Los Angeles and moved to Austin, Texas. Didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. He wanted to leave California (I guess because it is so liberal). Austin is probably more liberal than LA.

    Rogan should have moved to Lubbock or Amarillo–where the normal people live.

    Liked by 2 people

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