Injections, Not Infections, Are Causing Soaring Myocarditis Events

Many have seen enough propaganda and tainted data from America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to realize they have political agendas which swing in Big Pharma’s favor.

Thankfully, the Heart Advisory and Recovery Team (HART) have been studying post COVID-19 vaccination heart issues since 2021.

Comparing and studying various research and statistics from around the world warranted them to focus on two major points:

1. Myocarditis is attributable to injection not infection.

2. What has been diagnosed may represent wider harm that is yet to be properly measured.

Despite nefarious attempts to blame myocarditis on infection, it has clearly risen in incidence only on arrival of the injection programs.

Other evidence suggests the incidence after infection are higher in the injected than the uninjected.

“As always, with covid the story is in the data that has not been shared,” they warn.

In England, an Oxford study had access to information on the myocarditis rates in the unvaccinated population and also the rates in 2020 before the rollout.

Oxford “has, again, failed to share them,” HART explains. “In the meantime, data on subclinical heart damage that could lead to long term negative outcomes keeps accumulating.”

However, data from multiple sources worldwide now concur on important points.

Some entities, including those funded with Big Pharma monies and people with political agendas, have claimed that it is the virus that is the underlying cause for myocarditis rather than the vaccinations. Fortunately, there are several ways to check this hypothesis. The obvious one is to compare the rate of myocarditis after infection in:

🔹 uninjected uninfected

🔹uninjected infected

🔹injected uninfected

🔹injected infected

Why would these politically funded institutions not compare such data?

Although there have been some well funded epidemiological analyses of myocarditis, that simple comparison is never made.

Where uninjected people are looked at specifically, there is no evidence of an increase in incidence. HART has previously summarised the data after infection in the injected compared to the uninjected.

An alternative approach is to look at how common myocarditis is over time. Did the incidence increase with the arrival of covid in 2020 or the arrival of injections in 2021?

There are now several sources of data to answer that question and they all concur.

  1. A study of 40 US hospitals 
  1. An Israeli FOI
  1. German coding data from hospitals (data from here)
  1. FOIs in the UK from Swindonand Oxford

How much overall harm has been done to hearts?

HART asks, “Has measuring patients hospitalized with myocarditis and pericarditis been looking only at the tip of an iceberg in terms of harm to the heart?”

Myocarditis and pericarditis are caused by inflammation of the heart and the layers of tissue that surround it.

“It is not known how much of this occurs after injection due to misdirecting the immune system to attack the heart or due to cells being destroyed because they have been damaged or are expressing spike protein.”

A heart-wide inflammatory process would lead to symptoms and the possibility of a diagnosis in hospital. However, a less severe effect on only part of the heart may not be apparent unless it is looked for.

“Indeed, at post mortem in a post vaccination myocarditis death of a 22 year old, scattered single dead cells were seen as well as clusters of more significant damage and inflammation.”

Why would it matter if someone doesn’t even get symptoms?

“The issue is that the cells of the heart cannot be replaced. What is worse is that when the cells are killed they leave behind a scar which means that the electrical circuitry of the heart can short circuit causing a sudden cardiac arrest in future.”

Attempts have been made to measure the extent of this hidden damage in teenagers. Damage was measured through asking about symptoms, doing an ECG to measure the electrical pattern of the heart and doing a blood test to look for a rise in an enzyme that dead heart cells release, troponin.

Studies in Thailand and Taiwan demonstrated a significant number of children who experienced cardiac symptoms after the injection.

Those two studies and an additional one in Switzerland demonstrate a far higher rate of subclinical harm from injection than the rate measured when only looking at hospitalizations that result in a myocarditis or pericarditis diagnosis.

“Given the notable rise in cardiac deaths seen recently there needs to be an investigation of the possibility that heart damage after these injections has led to scarring in hearts causing sudden cardiac deaths,” HART noted.

What is going on in England?

Mysteriously (or purposefully) two English studies resulted in odd looking data that seem to contradict each other. The first is an epidemiological study from Oxford and the second ONS data on cause of death.

The Oxford study looked only at 43 million people who were injected in 2021 and identified how many had myocarditis and pericarditis after injection and after infection.

HART notes that the study’s definition for a myocarditis death was that “it occurred within 28 days of hospitalisation for myocarditis or was included on the death certificate.”

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