Majority of Americans Say Our Military Should Focus on Protecting U.S.

If New World Order (NWO) and World Economic Forum (WEF) disciples George Soros, David Rubenstein, Barack Obama and Joe Biden even cared, they would be wise to note that:

🔹60 percent of American voters now favor a proposal for the U.S. military to focus exclusively on the mission of protecting the U.S.

🔹The majority of voters want the U.S. military to continue with leading global alliances, but should no longer be used for nation-building and other purposes.

🔹25% strongly favor the proposal.

The Scott Rasmussen national survey in July 2022 also revealed that only 7% significantly oppose the proposal, 22% marginally oppose, and 18% are not sure.

The survey also discovered that:

🔹41% of Americans believe it is possible to slow the growth of military spending without putting national security at risk.

🔹Only 33% believe it is not possible, and 26% are not sure.

The survey of 1,200 registered voters was conducted online by Scott Rasmussen on July 6-8, 2022. The margin of sampling error for the full sample was +/- 2.8 percentage points.

Most Americans now believe military should further enhance border security and protect citizens against the cartels, illegal aliens and foreign terrorists invading the U.S.

The survey did not ask about the CIA, DOD or other areas besides the “military” being involved.

There were no questions regarding U.S. involvement in other foreign elections.

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  1. It’s a damn shame that our military focuses more on Wokeness than the security of our couture and its people. I get disgusted as I watch the pussification of our military through woke ads while China has masculinity training for its military. It’s plain to see that our so-called leaders are selling this country out while propping China up to be the world’s number 1 superpower!! Absolutely disgusting!!!!

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