White House Resident Biden Away From ‘Home’ 45% of the Time

He Fails and Falls So Much, Mocking Him is Like a FJB National Pastime: #Bidening

While his half-a-million dollar fence is being completed around his Delaware beach house, part time White House Resident Joe Biden is once again taking another vacation.

It is not like he has anything of importance to do. He just returned from Kiawah Island, South Carolina, followed by Nantucket and multiple visits back to Delaware.

On Dec. 27, he departed for St. Croix only to return in 2023 which now adds up to being away from Washington D.C. 45 percent of his time on vacation.

What does he do at the White House while he is there besides reading teleprompters and signing executive orders sent over by the Barack Obama swamp team?

A constructed set meant to be the White House?

Actually, most of his teleprompter reading is on a Hollywood type set constructed away from the Oval Office.

What happens when he goes on all these vacations besides eating ice cream and posing for bike rides?

Oh, that’s right–he falls down. He is falling down on and off the job especially in regard to a massive illegal alien invasion, human smuggling and fentanyl crisis from our southern border. Inflation is skyrocketing. Energy shortages and food availability is decreasing. He is losing billions of dollars in military assets to our enemies and his nose is stuck up the hind end of China. Oh, but let’s give Ukraine trillions of dollars.

He fails and falls so much that it has become a national pastime, just like yelling “FJB” at sports events–to mock him!

Ready. Set…

National Pastime: Ridiculing Biden



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