Ask Yourself, How Come There Has Never Been a Successful COVID Vaccine?

Ask yourself How Come…

🔹 The Rockefeller Foundation Ran Project “Lock Step” about a pandemic in 2010 calling for Top Down Control?

🔹DARPA funded Fauci NIH to research gain of function?

🔹 University of NC at Chapel Beric was involved with gain of function with the NIH?

🔹 Obama Administration ordered ALL NIH gain of function offshored in 2014?

🔹Fauci used Daszak’s Eco Health Alliance to continue to fund gain of fuction at the Wuhan Lab in 2015?

🔹 Jeff Bright presented prior to 2020 that since the public do not take flu serious or value “vaccines” that perhaps a “novel flu from China” might change their view?

🔹In January 2017, prior to President Trump’s inauguration, Fauci at a Georgetown presentation stated President Trump WILL face a pandemic before the end of his first term?

🔹 Johns Hopkins ran the “Spars Pandemic Event” in November 2017?

🔹Event 201 ran a pandemic event in the Fall of 2019?

🔹The CDC, NIH and Moderna were negotiating an agreement for sharing rights to a COVID 19 vaccine in November 2019?

🔹The pandemic models chosen that were the basis for the lock downs were the Imperial College in London and The University of Washington, both funded By The Gates Foundation?

🔹During Holy Week 2020 the CDC changed the definition of a COVID Death from “dying from COVID” to “dying WITH COVID”?

🔹 Fauci lied about and fought Against Hydroxychloroquine?

🔹 Fauci pushed Remdesivir knowing it shuts down kidney function leading to respiratory failure?

🔹 The CDC, FDA nor Fauci identify that 75% of ALL COVID ICU and Deaths had Vitamin D levels below 30.

🔹According to the DOD Inspector General Report, as disclosed by Project Veritas, members of the DOD knew in May 2020 that Ivermectin STOPPED COVID but kept this secret?

🔹For the first time in history, government locked down the healthy and Did Not Protect elderly, sick or those with pre- existing conditions?

🔹The Senate was provided in December 2020 with over 20 peer reviewed studies of Ivermectin’s effectiveness as a Prophylactic and Therapeutic by Dr. Kory and did nothing?

🔹Over 100 members of Congress, during 2021, secretly took Ivermectin to stop COVID but Americans were denied it?

🔹 Why did Uttar Pradesh, Indonesia and Japan use Ivermectin? Their combined populations exceeded 600 million, yet they stopped COVID in less than two months. Why did CDC and FDA stops Americans from getting Ivermectin?

🔹Why does the CDC own over 50 vaccine patents?

🔹The FDA receives over 50% of its funds from Big Pharma?

🔹 The CDC and FDA refused to acknowledge over 80 peer reviewed studies including from Cleveland Clinic, Harvard, Israel and Columbia University, when they agreed Natural Immunity is as effective if not better than ALL the vaccines.

🔹Pfizer and Moderna chose a PEG lipo nano particle that was developed to pierce the blood brain barrier as the delivery mechanism for a ‘vaccine’ that is supposed to remain at the injection site?

🔹Doctors are finding the spike protein in the liver, kidneys, bone marrow and other organs of the vaccinated?

🔹There has Never been a successful SARS COVID vaccine?

🔹These mRNA injections are reverse transcribing DNA?

🔹 The FDA, in August 2021, suddenly changed the definition of a vaccine as anything “that stimulates an immune response” from the previous definition that a vaccine MUST “immunize the recipient from the virus” and “limit the transmission of the virus”?

🔹The CDC and Fauci admit those who are vaccinated can spread the virus as easily as the unvaccinated?

🔹The CDC, Fauci and White House will not address the Lancet published study of 167 countries that the countries with the highest rates of fully vaccinated populations–Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Germany, Gibraltar, the UK, the US and Denmark–have the highest rates of COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths while the countries with low rates, India, Indonesia and South Africa have the lowest?

🔹If the vaccine doesn’t harm or weaken the immune system, recipients need boosters while unvaccinated do not?

🔹the FDA has filed court documents to prevent the FOIA request disclosure of the Pfizer study that was the basis for the FDA authorization of the Pfizer mRNA?

🔹The FDA “approved” Pfizer “vaccine” Comirnaty, for which Pfizer can be held liable but IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THE US?

🔹The NHL was fully “vaccinated” yet had to stop its season because so many fully “vaccinated” players got COVID that they could not put enough teams on the ice?

🔹Columbia University researchers have found that the true number of people in the USA and other territories who have died as a result of getting one of the experimental Covid-19 injections is significantly higher than the official figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)?

🔹While the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) run by The CDC claimed that just over 30,000 people have died following Covid-19 vaccination, Columbia University’s analysis indicates that the VAERS had an underreporting factor estimate that was 20 times that number, or around 600,000 deaths, as being far more accurate?

🔹Why was there a 40% increase in EXCESS overall mortalities in the U.S. in Q3 and Q4 of 2021 just after the Biden illegal ‘vaccine’ mandates were established?

🔹Why did the FDA and Pfizer unsuccessfully fight to hide Pfizer’s clinical studies from Americans?

🔹The surgeon general of Florida announced new guidelines about the vaccine that show the jab causes a stunning 84% increase in cardiac-related death among 18-39-year-old men?

🔹 The state of Florida now officially recommends that young males refrain from receiving the mRNA vaccine completely?


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  1. Great post!!

    Another point that keeps bothering me that has never been vetted;

    Why was the original covid test using a technique never used b4 for any viral test. Specifically shoving a swab beyond the blood brain barrier through the nose. Could there be a nefarious reason?

    The test was never designed to actually test and confirm covid infection.

    One more; there has never been ( and I suspect never will) a successful vaccine for ANY Corona virus

    Liked by 1 person

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