Answers to How Pennsylvania Could Cheat to Get a Fetterman Type ‘Elected’ Revealed

Certainly, most Pennsylvania citizens had more sense than to vote a U.S. Senator John Fetterman and a Governor Josh Shapiro into office.


Actually, they did not vote them in, no more than Arizona voted in Katie Hobbs as their governor or America for Joe Biden.  They were installed, not by votes, but by ballots.

First, believe it when you discover Barack Obama (DNC), Eric Holder (DOJ), Susan Rice (State Department) are running the government.

Obviously Joe Biden is the what’s-in-it-for-me (10%) pedophile-like puppet White House shell, while Valerie Jarrett (whose daughter is embedded at CNN) helps dish out to the American Deep State controlled Big Media their propaganda narratives. (This is basically how the communist ideology represented by Obama not only got him into office, but ‘Super-delegated’ Bernie Sanders out to make room for Hillary Clinton).

Of course, it is very expensive to steal an election. It takes massive corruption on the inside and from outside entities like China, Ukraine, and FTX to raise the funds, bribe and donate to officials, and control the unions. It is not about votes anymore. It’s about controlling BALLOTS.

Keep in mind, that Democrats and UniParty RINO Republicans absolutely do not want Donald J. Trump in the White House under any circumstances. According to their set of internal rules, he was not to win in 2016. Hillary was to be installed.

Think John McCain and Mitt Romney here. They were the designated UniParty candidates in prior years. Jeb Bush was supposed to be installed by the GOP against Hillary.

Recently, True the Vote, the 2000 Mules featured investigators, provided evidence that someone in Pittsburgh sold the Pennsylvania voter rolls and poll workers lists to China. Why? Because many people must be paid off.

Some people–usually those groomed by Big Media–don’t believe so much in a UniParty. But let’s dive deeper into the Fetterman land of Pennsylvania.

Keep in mind that the Mail-In-Ballot phenomenon was brought to Pennsylvania by the GOP majorities in both chambers of the Commonwealth’s General Assembly, prior to 2020.

Registered Republican voters put those members into office. Following the November 2020 election fiasco, they did nothing to right the wrongs of that experience. For the following two years very little was done to correct and prohibit election fraud for 2022 and beyond.

In a soon to be book by researchers George Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes, the tyranny will be revealed. The book is entitled Parallel Election.

The scam goes like this in these swing states, but let’s focus on Pennsylvania:

🔹County election bureaus send out unrequested mail-in ballots to EVERYONE who requested one for the 2020 Covid season general election. Remember, China has this list and Pennsylvania law mandates this massive mail operation.

🔹Operatives are assigned to watch each drop box where presumably legitimate completed ballots are deposited or “dropped” in the boxes.

🔹Periodically the ballots are collected, but then instead of transferring them to the designated County Bureau of Elections or the designated counting center, the collected ballots are taken out of the transport route. The legally required “Ballot Chain of Custody” is ignored. The original ballots never reach the required destination.

🔹The legitimate voters’ names are transferred to fresh ballots that are completed in favor of the pre-determined “winner.” These altered new ballots are submitted to the counting operation.

Note that some evidence suggests, as in Maricopa County, AZ and Fulton County, GA, that ballots are preprinted and ready for insertion into the scam.

🔹The original ballots are destroyed to get rid of the evidence. The replacement ballots, preprinted or handwritten, is just one reason poll watchers observing the counting process are not allowed close enough to see the ballots and handwritten voter names.

One observer noted that the tractor trailer full of hundreds of thousands of “completed ballots” that showed up in Lancaster, PA in the wee hours of November 4, 2020 after having departed from New York State was “likely the trial run for this particular attack on our election system.”

🔹The replacement ballots are separated from their envelopes, so no signatures or dates can be accounted for or verified.


Laws requiring chain of custody be securely maintained are the biggest joke of the entire operation.

🔹At the counting centers, the duplicate ballot batches are mixed with other, presumably legitimate ballots, but are now unidentifiable and untraceable to an actual voter as the source.

In states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan or Wisconsin, the media and state officials encourage citizens to “check online to make sure your vote was counted.”

“IF you voted by Mail – not Absentee Ballot but by Mail-In Ballot, and IF your legitimate ballot was hijacked, the PA vote tracking system will show that you voted, and you will never know for whom your vote was counted,” the observer noted.

Naive Republican citizens who follow corporate media news are beside themselves knowing Nancy Pelosi will be out of leading Congress and Kevin McCarthy could be in.

Smart and unindoctrinated voters know McCarthy, as was Paul Ryan, is a RINO.

Mike Pence & Mitt Romney’s neice, RNC chair Ronna McDaniel

The moral of the story is:


If Big Media pushes for Mike Pence, Liz Cheney or even Ron DeSantis, then BEWARE.


In God We Trust

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        • I see what you mean. Hillary was a 2016 Candidate. And I saw her debate obama in 2008. I’m Republican, but was a Union Rep. The Union wanted attendees for the event, so I got a day away from work, bused to the event, paid in full as if I was at work that day, and being that I was not doing company approved work, the Union recompensed me in full for the time away from work.

          It was interesting to hear the candidates. I had no intent on voting for either, but Clinton made more sense than obama in my opinion. The interesting thing is that they both spoke fire and brimstone on various issues, but both choked when China was mentioned and said that we must be cautious in our dealing with them. At the time, I was not aware of the influence of China.

          In 2016, Hillary stole the primaries from Bernie Sanders. I worked in Heavy Industry, and I could not identify one (or more) employees that intended to vote for Hillary. Some hated Hillary and Trump, but most people were voting for Trump. When I heard two employees speaking across the locker-room to each other, making fun of Trump, I went over to one to speak with him. He said “You don’t understand, we’re voting for Trump, but you have to admit that some of the things he does are funny”. Bumper Stickers and Graffiti supporting Trump abounded, and no attempt to deface it was made, in a facility with well over 1000 people.

          Liked by 3 people

          • In 2016 the uniparty had a plan to put Hillary in and destroy Trump. Their plan went awry and Trump won. It was God’s plan, but much to their chagrin. Over the next four years they steeled their resolve to cheat and win, no matter what. Trump exposed much of what they were doing, which was his plan, but even more God’s plan all along. And now, thanks to their cheating in 2020, we are all getting a really big whiff of what has been going on all along right under our noses. GOD will have HIS way. Still.

            Liked by 3 people

  1. The Repubs and our law system will do nothing. It’s happening again in PA, AZ and Georgia and our gutless conservatives sit back and watch. We are doomed to be run by the socialist Dems for at least the rest of our lifetime. One thing about the Dems, they stick together, no matter what the issue and the Repubs always have half a dozen that go with the enemy. And, what in the hell is the matter with Trump? Letting that nutjob Kanye west bring in a white nationalist for a visit? Doesn’t trump check anything out or was he duped again. This is all the Sunday morning political shows are talking about this morning.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I live in Pittsburgh area. I reluctantly put out a Doug Mastriano Sign, the neighbors sporting the winning line-up of democrat signs, apparently prophetic. I support Republicans, but I don’t think they are capable. With a Republican Controlled House and Senate in Pennsylvania, they never even seemingly tried to reverse the draconian edicts of the democrat governor. He merely took everything to the democrat controlled State Supreme Court and they gave him the authority and rulings he wanted every time.

    I can see how they are stealing the votes, but I recently went to a Republican Meeting, before the election. They were seeking Observers for the Polls, gave an opportunity to receive training, but when one participant tried to contact the trainer, the trainer was unavailable. And, Drum Roll Please, the issue was discussed how important it was to get people that may no longer visit the polls to vote by Mail In Ballot, in fact, one of the leaders of the group had Mailed in his Ballot before the meeting, and they seemed to thing the solution was more Mail In Ballots, which flies in the face of the reasoning you suggested or articulated as to the method democrats use to rig the elections. Ugh.

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  3. My husband and I left the GOP on December 7, 2022 and registered as Independents. We refuse to associate with a political party that undermines its own candidates. It’s my opinion that we either need a substantial, viable third party to keep the other two in check or we need to abolish all political parties in the United States. President Trump should leave the GOP, run as an Independent, or start his own party. It’s very unlikely that the GOP elites will allow him to be the nominee in 2024.

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