Invasion on Southern Border in Pictures

Within two years of being in the White House part time, Joe Biden has imported a new illegal population larger than 13 states and Washington D.C. combined.

This is the real insurrection against the United States of America.


In God We Trust

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  1. Human trafficking is allowed, transgender children are allowed, drag queens in libraries are allowed. Over these decades we have only increased in number the counts of treason against the American people. The same people who also allow such atrocities to continue unabated due to the continual cowardness shown when real men must be real men. Instead cowardly treasonous elected official continue abusing the communities in which they were selected to serve. They serve only themselves. The list has grown so long. I have grown old. 61 years later and the list even longer without victory, success or freedom. I can only say good luck to those who remain fighting for their things not people, their positions not people. Will in the end stand alone for it is those of us who waited and watched endlessly this country first eat its babies, then its children and we are only old because we learned to survive the meals we became. In reflection we the least of us, will continue until your end while we, those left behind watch your list grow and grow. We could never live as did you live. If we were afforded such a privilege we would never have taken granted of the opportunity. We are the warriors who already survived a battle you will soon to never forget. We do not use lists any longer. We leave those for you folks to remind yourselves just how many crimes against humanity you allowed before they took yours.


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