MAGA Caps Making Early Comeback With Great Messages For America

Once upon a time, when gas was less than $2 a gallon, we had border protection and some fake experimental ‘vaccinations’ weren’t killing our population, America was turning great.

Then the 2020 election was criminally stolen, with much evidence, from true voting citizens.

We soon learned Mike Pence was a traitor, Joe Biden a puppet, news was still fake and Anthony Fauci is a lunatic. The “Make America Great Again” slogan was replaced with “F___ Joe Biden,” “FJB,” and “”Let’s Go Brandon” chants throughout the nation.

As citizens learn more about the massive corruption of New World Order, World Economic Forum, Biden Regime, CDC, DOJ, CIA, FBI, IRS, EPA, RINOS, and other Deep State LMNOPS, there are solid signs of American determination and patriotism kicking in.

Fake News continues to lose their audiences. Trump backed candidates are winning primaries, and patriot caps are making a comeback!

Which are your favorites?

In God We Trust

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