FBI’s Disgrace: What the World Now Knows

Millions Sound off Against Biden Administration Raid

Carrying backpacks during their raid into the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump’s private home, a shameful and disgraced army of FBI agents sparked an American outrage against the rogue government.

Trump Attorney Alina Jabba indicated she is deeply concerned the raiders, who forced everyone out of the home, planted somethings against Trump.

The backlash and outrage against the Democratic Party was immediate and explosive.

Merrick Garland

We will not yield.

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History, Texas, Pioneers, Genealogy

From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.


  1. I have a relative that is a police officer. Long off the streets, he’s moved up the ranks and positions. Nevertheless, his own mother said he became a cop because he was too stupid to do anything else. I used to think it was a form of self-deprecation, but anymore, I think her assessment was a realistic valuation of his abilities. The reason I say this is the widespread involvement of Law Enforcement in the subversion of traditional America. What we are seeing is communism, and communism exploits certain groups to gain power, then often abandons such groups, not uncommonly focusing attention on them so that the unbridled public focuses their hatred on groups that not long before were pivotal to the installation of a communist govt.

    FBI Agents have relatives, the communism the FBI is helping to implement is likely to result in harm to their relatives. For instance, covid (as a tool of oppression), harm may come to relatives by directly contracting the virus, via the loss of job due to the virus, the loss of medical people and skills due to the virus and therefore the inability to treat their relatives with highly specialized skills, and in general, diagnostic opportunities were lost due to the closure or alteration of the normal functioning of the diagnostic centers due to covid. This is easier to see I think than the chance of harm to their relatives from the adoption of communism, yet the increased likelihood that their relatives will be caught up in blm and antifa riots, burned buildings and cars, and more specific forms of violence, in addition to substandard wages, exorbitant inflation and prices, etc., are very real. No one wins with communism, but the FBI seems incapable of thinking this through. The FBI are prison guards in the concentration camps, except, the prison guards would have been executed for not following orders, the FBI only stands a risk of losing their job, and anymore, is that really that bad, no longer associating with an agency that are Jackbooted Thugs.

    The Untouchables, a movie about Al Capone. The FBI frustrated by their legitimate attempts to hold him responsible for his crimes, but the IRS did. Now we have an out of control FBI (they became the untouchables) and a militarized IRS, what could go wrong? But the FBI put 4 Innocent men in prison, or allowed them to be put into prison, knowing that the FBI’s Informant/s were responsible for the crime and they felt that these innocent men being put into prison was justifiable collateral damage. Really?

    “FBI Framed Peter Limone who along with Joseph Salvati, Henry Tameleo, and Louis Greco, for the murder of Teddy Deegan in 1965.”

    The question, then, is has the FBI ever been honorable? Maybe not.

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