Does Anyone Still Working With/At the FBI Have Any Honor Left?

A National Disgrace? Are They Leaving to Join the IRS?

On Sunday, August 14, 2020 at 1 p.m. local time, Patriotic and fed up good, decent Americans will be peacefully protesting against the FBI, DOJ, and Biden Regime for their intentional destruction of the United States…

…they will also be showing their appreciation for the FBI kicking off the Donald J. Trump 2024 Reelection Campaign.

An all-time record amount of funds were donated to the Trump campaign just one day after their dishonest raid on the 45th President’s private home.

Here are the planned locations:

🔹Leave your cellphone away from you to prevent tracking and documentation.

🔹To prevent spread of FBI-tis, consider wearing a mask for the benefit of your health.

🔹Video and record anyone trying to pull a “Ray Epps.” Do not be a part of any instigation of civil disobedience, destruction, intimidation, or violence. Maintain peace. Avoid being set-up or manipulated. No weapons. Go in groups and remain calm.

🔹Patriotic signs, flags and posters are OK.

Here is the ridicule they deserve.


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  1. The Las Vegas shooting. I had a contractor performing services at my house, he was actively in the Military Reserves. In the Military, he worked in the Armory. He also owned a Bump Stock AR-15. The shooting had just occurred a day or two prior. He said he heard the shots on TV, definitely a Bump Stock Fired Rifle.

    He was a busy man, he had not seen the footage yet. I told him there were extended capacity magazines (much more than 30 rounds), and that the shooter was firing at a downward angle, and had a Bi-Pod.

    He said the Large Magazines would likely prevent the rifle from firing as designed, that firing at an angle downward may prevent the rifle from firing, and that most bi-pods would prevent the rifle from firing, but that there are bi-pods for Bump Stock Firing Rifles.

    He said a different hold is needed when switching from something as simple as Plastic Magazines to Aluminum ones. He claimed it was very sensitive to changes (magazine capacity, material, etc.) and that much practice would need to occur with each set-up.

    It is my contention that a system using an electric motor driving a lever could be used to simulate the variable rate of fire that the Bump Stock Fired Rifle appears to manifest, but to do so with much more reliability under the circumstances. In other words, I don’t believe the official story, and agree that the first casualty of the tragic event may have been the alleged shooter (i.e. authorities killed him, then fired from his room, then vacated, leaving the dead alleged shooter but claiming that they killed him “after” the event).

    Too much mystery involving the FBI.

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  2. It is more than time that people realize the Left, including the FBI, is behind all the school shootings and places like Las Vegas. They don’t care who they kill, and it’s perfectly possible to cover their tracks, to a point, just like they used Oswald. They can hypnotize, drug, threaten, bribe and kill. It will all come out.

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    • I have a concern that many of the mass shootings are not what we think. I find it especially suspicious that someone that just killed many people is taken without injury by the police. Police have, on occasion, shot people holding cellphones and other things, mistaking them from weapons. Yet I’m at a loss on how they manage to take someone without firing a shot when the person has recklessly taken human lives. The Uvalde Shooter, for instance, the Border Guard stopped the shooting, not the police. Yet the police had the opportunity to terminate the shooter but purportedly called for permission. It’s particularly tragic when I think these shootings are exploited to ban guns, despite the 2nd Amendment, but no attempt is made to check the violence in the media that possibly leads to these shootings. As some correctly say they Founders couldn’t envision Modern Weapons, neither could they envision Computers and the World Wide Web, Movies, and the like. Yet the same people that want to ban weapons think that the 1st Amendment protects Obscene and Violent Expression.

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