Headlines America Would Love to Read by 2023

🔹Putin Offer to Biden: We Release Brittney Griner, You Release Jan. 6 Patriots

🔹Let’s Go Brandon, Do Not Pass Go

🔹It’s Official, All Illegal Aliens Must Be Bussed to DC or NY Forever

🔹Elon Musk Buys New York Times to Turn it Into a Real Newspaper

🔹My Body, My Choice = My Student Loan, My Payments

🔹George Soros and Family Deported to Venezuela, Take Bidens With Them

🔹FBI Releases Jan. 6 Videos, Hunter’s Laptop, Epstein’s Client List & Hillary’s 30,000 Missing Emails

🔹Paralyzed Homeless Vets Finally Get More Congressional Attention Than Ukraine’s Zelenskyy

🔹Congress and Senate Annually Required to Watch ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ With James Stewart

🔹New Term Limits: Congress-6 Year, Senate-8 Year Maximum

🔹Obama, Pelosi, Rice, Holder, Schiff, Feinstein, Nadler, Gore, Comey, Clapper, Newsom, Raffensperger, Kemp, and Both Clintons Guilty

🔹Empty Jan. 6 DC Prison Cells Welcome Convicted 2020 Election Cheaters

🔹Obama Says Biden is a Gentle Cellmate

🔹Nadler Says Schiff is ‘Soft and Cuddly’

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