List of GOP Senators Who Confirmed Biden’s AG Responsible for Trump Mar-a-Lago Raid

Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice conducted the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, the private home of former President Donald J. Trump on August 8, 2022.

Obama and far-left AG Garland



Here is a list of the 20 Republican Senators who joined Democrats to confirm Garland’s nomination in March 2021 as attorney general.

Roy Blunt, Missouri

Richard Burr, North Carolina

Shelley Capito, West Virginia

Bill Cassidy, Louisiana

Susan Collins, Maine

John Cornyn, Texas

Joni Ernst, Iowa

Lyndsey Graham, South Carolina

Chuck Grassley, Iowa*

Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma (retiring in Nov. 2022).

Ron Johnson, Wisconsin*

James Lankford, Oklahoma

Mitch McConnell, Kentucky

Jerry Moran, Kansas

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska

Rob Portman, Ohio

Mitt Romney, Utah

Mike Rounds, South Dakota (former governor)

John Thune, South Dakota

Thom Tillis, North Carolina

*Grassley and Johnson denounced the FBI’s actions shortly after the raid.

These senators voted to confirm him even after Garland:

🔹refused to answer “whether illegally entering the country should remain a crime.”

🔹refused to say whether he would protect female athletes from having their privacy and victories interrupted by men.

🔹refused to commit to releasing special counsel John Durham’s report probing the Russia collusion hoax against Donald Trump. 

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz voted against Garland’s confirmation because he “refused to make clear that he would stand against the politicization of the department, which we saw during the Obama-Biden years.”

Sen. Tom Scott said Garland was a “radical” who might “politicize” the Department of Justice. “When he did answer questions, he sounded more like a liberal ideologue who would embrace the radical agenda of the Democratic party’s far left base.”

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  1. Odd that we don’t question why there are no DINOs? If RINOs Exist, so should DINOs. I think RINOs are democrats in Republican Clothing. If 15% of Republicans are RINOs, then a similar amount, +/- so much, should exist in DINOs if it were a natural thing. But they don’t.

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      • They’re all a bunch of crooks. They need to live in North Korea and see how life works in that country. Need term Liimits on all of Congress. Also, we need to oust George Soros. This guy has corrupted our country and its voted in leaders.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Uniparty. Republicans vote for Big Money and Business. But Businesses Don’t Vote, Yet. So they chump is into voting for them. Democrats are reckless communists.

        We’re all going Green, Right? A house I can see in the Winter from my home (Tree in the way now, but once the leaves are gone) is covered with Solar Cells. Yesterday, their roof was on fire, this is increasingly common, and it was caused by a fault in the Solar Cells or Wiring. We have an exceptional Fire Department (several Fire Houses distributed throughout the borough) they did a commendable job trying to minimize damage. They rescued 2 dogs from the home (the owners weren’t home initially), they used Dry Chemicals Extinguishers and Water at a Reduced Pressure. The Wood in the Roof was on fire. These fires are becoming common place.

        A Fleet of Electric Buses was idled and replaced with Diesel Buses when of the Buses burst into an Inferno of Flames.

        Electric Car Fires are common, and Gas Powered Cars that burn I am convinced comes from using Chinese Made Rubber Parts that literally just fall apart as they rot.

        Yet where are the Republicans in protecting us from Chinese Imports and the Imposition of Green Energy before they can safely do it? They are strangely missing. Republicans pull Defeat from the Mouth of Victory again and again.

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  2. The country is a mess because Republicans never prosecute anybody, vote with the Communist Democrats, refused to address voter fraud on January 6th, and just accept that the Democrats are evil and hate America. When Jeff Sessions had the opportunity to go after Hillary Clinton, he refused because he was afraid. Enough of this nonsense! Evil has to be confronted.

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