Consumer Alert: Do Not Ride—Recall Issued for Can-Am Ryker Motorcycles

Bombardier Recreational Products says handlebar stem bolts may break suddenly

Bombardier Recreational Products is warning owners of certain 2022 Can-Am Ryker motorcycles not to drive them. Bombardier is recalling more than 9,300 vehicles with a handlebar stem bolt that may break suddenly, which could lead to a loss of steering control and increase the risk of a crash. 

Bombardier indicated that it had two reports of stem bolts that broke while the cycles were being ridden. There was one injury, a sprained ankle. Another 56 bolts broke while dealers were preparing the motorcycles for delivery.

Bombardier Recreational Products highly recommends that owners stop riding their vehicle until the recall repair is performed.

Next Steps

  1. Owners are encouraged to immediately contact their authorized BRP Can-Am On-Road dealer to schedule an appointment to have the FREE safety recall performed on their vehicle.
  2. The dealer will clean the threads of the steering column and install the new handlebar stem bolt.
  3. The repair will take less than one hour to complete.

Vehicle owners can visit enter their vehicle identification number to see if their vehicle is under recall. NHTSA encourages everyone to download its SaferCar app to stay informed about current recalls.

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  1. I hope it’s not an instance of Counterfeit Bolts. There have been Chinese bolts incorrectly marked with a grade they were no where near meeting. It can be dangerous. At my facility, in the mill, I remember reading a notice on Counterfeit Clevises. These items, used to lift heavy weights, were failing. Investigation revealed that they were marked identically to a common product, but not manufactured by the named manufacturer. They were failing when lifting loads by crane. The plant put out an advisory, we were not impacted (we, as in any of our facilities) but others in the industry were. A cursory search of DuckDuckGo reveals many results under “Counterfeit Bolts”. The problem would not be limited to China of course.

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      • Many pharmaceuticals are made overseas. Once, I was taking Atenolol, and so was my wife, each prescription filled at a different time, according to need. She took hers and it didn’t seem to be working. We were worried about her health. She took hers again the next day, and still not working. She worked at a Doctor’s office, so she could have been seen instantly if needed. Next day, she decided to take one of my Atenolol pills, and lo and behold, it worked. It appears that the dose of the medication in her pill was likely grossly substandard, or entirely missing. We returned it to the Pharmacy. Mind you, I have not seen this before or since, but we did see it once. Just imagine the harm that comes from Intentionally Counterfeit Products.

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