Which States Did Most People Move From and To Since COVID Began?

Data from United Van Line’s “45th Annual National Movers Survey” tracks their exclusive data for customers’ state-to-state migration patterns.

Data from the survey indicates:

🔹Vermont is the state with the highest percentage of inbound migration during 2021, at 74 percent.

🔹South Dakota follows with 69 percent

🔹South Carolina at 63 percent

🔹West Virginia at 63 percent

🔹Florida at 62 percent. 

Where are they moving from?

States with the highest percentage of outbound migration include:

🔹New Jersey at 71 percent

🔹Illinois at 67 percent

🔹New York at 63 percent

Connecticut at 60 percent

🔹California at 59 percent

In addition to the state-by-state data, United Van Lines conducts an accompanying survey to examine the motivations and influences of Americans’ interstate moves.

Primary reason for move: 2018-19, 2020-21

🔹Job change or transfer: 51.4%, 37.1%

🔹Physically closer to family: 23.2%, 29.6%

Retirement/lifestyle: 29.8%, 31.8%

The United Van Lines data analysis shows that the pre-pandemic move patterns were mostly the same as pandemic-era moves. However, the number of moves was substantially lower after the pandemic began. 

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  1. They’re moving to Vermont??? Wow. Vermont is so Leftist we call it “Little Russia!” They still have Covid restrictions there, and on the Fourth of July there was a float with a golden calf surrounded by dancing worshippers. People are broke; the Haven, where I go to pick up food for people, is always crammed with homeless, and the streets in White River Junction are too. Brattleboro is a mess. I truly wonder why so many would move there, unless they’ve watched “Baby Boom” too many times.

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  2. I could’ve sworn Texas would’ve been one of the states many people moved to. Seems like half the state of California has moved to areas relatively close to us. Add to that all the illegals crossing our Southern border in droves and you get overwhelmed local, legal citizens. That’s why we need to support ProtectAmerica.vote.
    This group was started by the Sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona, Mark Lamb. Their purpose is to provide a Hotline for the reporting of observed voter fraud – stuffing numerous absentee ballot dropboxes – 2000 Mules-style and any other criminal activity. The Sheriff and Deputies of each County will respond to the calls. They could really use our donations to help fund their efforts. The Hotline is scheduled to go live August 1st. Hope they post the Hotline # on ProtectAmerica.vote.

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