Vintage Wisdom for Today’s Topsy-Turvey World

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.

That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. Neil Armstrong

The greatest wealth is to live content with little. Plato

Well done is better than well said. Benjamin Franklin

Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly. John F. Kennedy

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up. Vince Lombardi

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. John F. Kennedy

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  1. I’m addressing the drawing where the little girl asks her mother what a Conspiracy Theorist is. Though some people hold views that seem to be “way out there”, yet I don’t think we would have believed 20 years ago that we would be seeing the things we currently are.

    Paranoia is a heightened form of Awareness. Sometimes pathological, but I think, other times not.

    My dog Sophie senses 6.5 earthquake in Eureka at the Times-Standard – All three segments

    Dogs are used to notify their owners that the owner is about to have a seizure.

    In both cases, the Dogs have a Heightened Form of Awareness. They are not paranoid. I was able to read people when I was a Union Rep, probably not to the degree that I thought, but much more so than the company wanted. A meeting we were entitled to attend as Reps, and indeed needed to be there, I had a boss walking past us in a hurry and I asked if he was going to a meeting. He said no, but I followed him right into his office where many others had gathered for the meeting he said wasn’t occurring (I attended the meeting). Another time, I trusted a fellow Rep to introduce a concern at an OSHA Required Evaluation of operations at our plant, he said he would. But I didn’t trust him, so, despite being busy with other things, I stopped by the meeting and asked to introduce my concern before the meeting had covered the area, the company graciously allowed me to, but when I asked my fellow Rep to confirm what HE and I Found, he said “I need to talk to you about that”, whereupon I said “fine”, but introduced the concern on my own and the company professionally addressed it.

    How did I know that I could not trust the first boss on the meeting, and my fellow Rep on the introduction of the concern. Subliminal Perception, something did not produce the smooth response that occurs when someone is telling the truth. Heightened Awareness.

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    • Completely understand. I am a certified practitioner of Nuerolingustics Programming (NLP) and have actually “read” jurors for District Attorneys to advise them on how to build rapport with those who were not buying in to what the DA was providing as they addressed them.
      I also would observe the parties during major negotiations (multimillion dollars) for contracts or selling building a new store and shopping center in municipalities.
      My father, a homicide detective and profiler, was a strong influence and mentor. Not sure about the paranoid point but I have been know to leave a restaurant or public place just prior to a fight or crime breaking out…just by reading people.
      Dodie has to endure me tuning in and interpreting body & facial language when we dine out.

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      • I applied for a job with Westinghouse. It would have been for work in Nuclear Power Plants. At that time, I had an undiagnosed Seizure Problem, so it’s not likely that I would have passed the physical. But they had interviews first, and a psychological assessment (the assumption is that people my age at the time were healthy I’d guess). Sitting in the Psychiatrist’s office waiting room, he came in about 30 Minutes Late, and to make small talk, as he walked past me, I mentioned he was late. He stopped, turned to face me, and said “What’s that supposed to mean?”

        I didn’t reply. I thought it was self explanatory. LOL.

        I was given an MMPI, and the Psychiatrist said that I resent authority, and something along those lines. No surprise. I didn’t disagree.

        One question I remember, but since it was somewhat shocking and I can’t find the exact question online, I’ll refrain from mentioning it. But I asked a female supervisor at work that was taking Psychological Courses in college, how she would have answered the question. She said she just wouldn’t have answered it. I may, or may not, have answered it, I was instructed to complete the test, but the test was limited in time, so when I got to questions I was unsure of, I’d leave those to return to. I did not finish the test in the assigned time, so I may not have answered it.

        Your history and abilities are fascinating.

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