Liberal School Districts Force Teachers to Keep Parents in the Dark About Their Children

Far Left educators are forwarding their growing trend among some public schools to keep parents in the dark about their own children’s health and well-being.

Some districts are actually forcing teachers to be complicit in this deception by compelling them to lie or withhold information about students to their parents.


Such is the case with Harrisonburg City Public Schools (HCPS), less than a two hour drive to Washington D.C., in Virginia.

HCPS’s policy and practice is that teachers and staff must affirm a student’s gender identity by using any name and pronoun the student requests, while hiding such requests from the child’s parents. The exception would be if HCPS employees determine the child’s parents are sufficiently “supportive” of their child’s “transition.”

A lawsuit was filed this month by parents who are being legally represented by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) against the school district.

“Parents—not public schools or government officials—have the fundamental right to direct the upbringing, care, and education of their children,” said ADF Senior Counsel Ryan Bangert. “Teachers and staff cannot willfully hide kids’ mental health information from their parents, especially as some of the decisions children are making at school have potentially life-altering ramifications. As the clients we represent believe, a teacher’s role is to support, not supplant, the role of the parent.”


The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, assisted by ADF attorneys, are representung two groups of parents in that state.

🔹A group of parents is challenging a Madison Metropolitan School District policy that instructs district employees to exclude parents from children’s health decisions.

🔹Another group of parents is suing the Kettle Moraine School District over its policy that allows minor students to change their name and gender pronouns at school without parental consent.


The Founding Fathers and Framers of the U.S. Constitution recognized that all people have inalienable rights that flow from the Creator.

These rights are grounded in the unique, Judeo-Christian concept of man’s inherent dignity as a creature made in God’s image, endowed with reason, free will, and an eternal soul.

The Founders understood that one of Government’s primary tasks is to preserve the freedom for each person to follow his own conscience, so they enshrined certain fundamental rights in our nation’s constitution to guarantee this freedom.


As secular forces chip away at our nation’s Judeo-Christian roots, religious freedom is increasingly threatened. Yet the First Amendment continues to reflect the Founders’ belief that “[t]he Religion…of every man must be left to the conviction and conscience of every man; and it is the right of every man to exercise [religion] as [conviction and conscience] dictate.”


Prior to the 2021-2022 school year, HCPS modified its nondiscrimination policy to add “gender identity” to its list of protected classes. It then developed and issued guidance that detailed new requirements concerning the treatment of transgender students.

While the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) had developed new “model policies” regarding transgender issues, the HCPS policy went beyond VDOE’s already troubling recommendations, using even more radical wording.

Parents have a right to direct the upbringing and education of their children. That includes the right to be informed about whether their children are using different names and pronouns at school, and to direct the school not to facilitate that behavior.

Schools cannot require teachers to lie to parents about their children’s circumstances or compel teachers to speak or affirm messages that are contrary to their core beliefs and that they believe harm the students.

Doing so undermines parental rights and destroys the trust among teachers, parents, and schools that serves to facilitate the best education possible for children.

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  1. “Madison Metropolitan School District policy that instructs district employees to exclude parents from children’s health decisions”

    Health Decisions require a history of the Individual and of the family of the Individual. Heart Disease, Diabetes, and a plethora of other illnesses tend to run in families.

    Previous reactions to specific medication, current medications, and much more, must be known to the prescriber and dispenser of medications. In the hospital a few years ago, new onset Afib, I was told I could not take Eliquis, due to a Phenytoin Reaction. It was decided that I could take Coumadin, but, from my own research, Coumadin effects Phenytoin Levels, and Phenytoin effects Coumadin levels. But as I actually pointed out, both levels are determined by blood tests, and the dosage of each could be adjusted as needed until a steady level of Coumadin and Phenytoin was established. Due to both of these medications, I now must restrict Vitamin K or more properly keep it at a constant level by eating similar quantities of Vitamin K per week +/- some variance.

    The point in me belaboring this is that the Parents with the Family History, the Child’s Medical History, and current Medications and Allergies to Medications, must be known before anyone can safely do anything concerning children’s Health Decisions. Of course they likely mean indoctrination into homosexuality, or transgenderism, but for the latter, hormones are, in more than essence, drugs, and the issues with interactions, allergies, and history, must be known before administering anything.

    Folks, Home School those children. The kids can watch TV all day, while you work, and then in the evening, you can teach them, on the weekend you can teach them, on days off, you can teach them, they don’t need to follow the schedule that schools do, although the amount of time spent with it, overall, will be somewhat similar. Schools are indoctrination centers, and if you have no options, you should consider getting them away from it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much for your comment on this concerning topic. If I had it to do over, I would definitely Home School my children. I can’t believe how low some Public Schools have sunk in indoctrinating our very young kids.

      Liked by 2 people

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