Biden’s FDA Will Begin Plan to Alter Cigarettes

The Biden administration will announce next week their intent to pursue a policy requiring tobacco companies to reduce the nicotine in all cigarettes sold in the U.S.

It will take a few years of FDA “science” and “politics” to get to a point that can determine how to enact policies to reach minimal or nonaddictive levels in cigarettes.

In other words, lobbying from Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, China, United Nations and New World Order needs to occur first.

🔹Peer reviewed nicotine blocks covid.   

🔹Covid attaches to nicotine receptors in the absence of nicotine. 

🔹Very few became very ill if they smoke or use nicotine patches.

Not everyone is keen on the idea with various opinion sprouting across social media:

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  1. I remember this Study:

    Is there a smoker’s paradox in COVID-19?

    A nation that is seeking to legalize marijuana and ban cigarettes cannot be trusted for their motivation. Cigarettes do not intoxicate in the classical sense. I have seen a study on College Students that smoke having more knowledge retention before finals than those that don’t smoke. Of course the study was suppressed.

    I have never smoked cigarettes, and as a teen, smoked some marijuana. I once had numbness of the extremities and remember a Police Office speaking against legalization and addressing that point, that something that causes numbness cannot be benign. Breathilizers work for alcohol, are not needed for cigarettes, and don’t exist to assess the degree of mental impairment caused by marijuana use relative to operating machinery.

    I don’t smoke Cigarettes because the one that I tried, I choked on. I wondered why anyone would train themselves to use something the body is telling them is not compatible with it. I also have a benign heart arrhythmia (and now Afib), that just about anything causes me to get PVCs, and I feel each and every one, I choose not to do things that make it worse.

    But Education is the key to reducing smoking, and not more govt that is rallying to legalize a drug that is burned and inhaled.

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  2. Trudeau’s first act in power was to legalize Marijuana. A psychotropic drug that makes one susceptible to the effects of propaganda and mind altering suggestion. It’s this chemical that distorts how the mind perceives the world. Look where we are right now. People are in a hypnotic state of delusion and confusion. Cigarettes on the other hand are bad for you I agree but it is an antidepressant. That is a fact. In the world such as it is we should all be smoking cigarettes I say.


    • Carcinogens are in cigarette smoke. Better to chew Nicorette gum for the nicotine. That is before the Obiden administration bans it as well!

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