Biden’s Worst Enemy, the Truth… and Catturd Ride Again

Smarter than a CNN pundit. Faster than Pelosi drinking whiskey. Able to leap over media lies in a single bound. Look up in the internet. It’s CATTURD, the feline commentator that puts Jen Psaki to shame.

Here’s another round of no-holds-barred bits of wisdom, philosophy and putdowns from the most famous cat on earth.

When Facebook censors, Catturd prevails.
Outdoors. Running. Masked.


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  1. Actually, the US Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people, too. If that’s the case, then corporations should have to uphold and defend the US Constitution, too, in my opinion. And if they don’t, they shouldn’t be doing business in America. I love Catturd! But regardless of who’s in office, it has to be the American people who demand change. The Republicans talk a lot but are just as guilty. I’m pretty certain that Jeff Sessions refused to go after Hillary Clinton because it would have exposed all the Republicans involved with the Clintons.

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  2. GAB, I just renewed, before the notice to renew. But I think Torba doesn’t like me. Years ago, I noticed a strange pattern of people following me on GAB that had no Posts (or relied on Reposting), had no comments, or few, for the amount of time they had the account, and the accounts were all created in the month following the heinous Synagogue Shooting in Pittsburgh. I tried to Private Message Torba, he never responded. I announced to the group my findings, and my Notifications decreased. It seems that now, with 1,100 Followers, I should occasionally see maybe 100 Likes on a post. Nope. All I ever see is the few that I am on Contact Lists with, there is really something not quite right about GAB.

    Someone online suggested they use a modified form Why I am saying this here? Because the illusion of Freedom of Speech is as bad as not having Freedom of Speech. “If”, and this is supposition, Torba censors people he doesn’t like, he’s as bad as all the Liberal sites that supposedly censor as well. In fact, there is a list of Conservative Sites that I am Banned From, for telling the Truth, and there were no Liberal sites that banned meof a Shadow Ban, that they group a person they don’t like with others that they don’t like, and that gives them the illusion that they are posting to the whole of GAB. I have worn my fingers out typing on Respirators, Masks, links to the Vaccine, and you know what, largely, despite 1100 Followers, only those on the Contact List Respond. There’s something not quite right about GAB.

    That Catturd is successful there, he hasn’t said anything that Torba isn’t fond of. The Torba seal of approval, his reposting of a post to his million or millions of followers lands people many Notifications, but in general, something isn’t right. I’d post links to my Blog on Disqus, I may get 150 views from the link (they were about Ted Cruz at the time, I supported Trump), but I post a link on GAB and maybe 4 people visit, and some of them get the Notification via Word Press.

    I don’t think Freedom of Speech is as cherished by the Right as they say. But Catturd is hard hitting, and appealing, and it justifiably draws people in. Read through the list of Catturd’s posts here, hilarious and true.

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    • I’m on Gab, Gettr, Twitter, FBook, Parler, etc but rarely get on the last 3 because of censorship and time. Too busy interviewing, decoding, research and writing. I don’t even watch TV unless I’m traveling in a hotel. It’s worthless to me. So far (knock on wood) no problems with Gab. I get between 2000 to 6000 hits a day from Gab across 70+ channels (groups).

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      • I feel like Charlie Brown saying “I got a Rock”. Lol.

        I see that there is a Preview Mode in the Links you post on GAB, when that is used, I can’t like or comment on your Blog unless I remove everything after the / that includes the word Preview. I then reload without it and voila, Likes and Comments on your Blog Page are visible.

        I use Brave Browser, it blocks quite a bit, and I have to grant permission for Scripts on some pages, on others I have to turn the Shields Off. I only do this on Trusted Pages. This Preview thing, though, has nothing to do with Brave Blocking aspects of the Web Page.

        I read the Twisted Sister Posts you had, 2 of them so far (One from GAB, one from my email). My brother was a Biker (and my nephew still is). Many years ago, my brother used to ride from Chicago to Pittsburgh and Back with his wife on the same Motorcycle. More recently, he was well known in this area, doing Charity Work with the Bikers, when he died (heart attack), the Biker’s were at the Funeral. One woman, with lipstick, kissed him on the cheek (he was deceased), and when she realized she left a mark, she went to wipe it off. Knowing my brother, he’d wanted the lips on his cheek on his journey into the afterlife. Alas, his wife (or daughter) wiped the mark off a short time later.

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        • Too funny. My oldest son rode his motorcycle from Boerne, Texas with a girlfriend to the bottom tip of South America. They then took an 11 day excursion to Antarctica and drove back. Gone from April through October. Afterwards he said he felt the most danger at the Texas-Mexico border area. I was so glad to see him back safe.

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    • Just bots. Let it go and be happy you can still share your opinions. I’ll bet @a is a little too busy to answer people’s questions about why they aren’t getting clicks. I don’t click every post I like. Try being friendly too. (In case you’re not)

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