Are You Looking at Clear Scamdemic Proof?

Look closely at the maps above. You are looking live at clear, smoking gun evidence of a scamdemic.

🔹On the left is what the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention viewed as the Covid-19 risk assessment for the United States as of last week.

🔹On the right is that risk assessment now that they have completely and suddenly altered their metrics.

Conveniently, these abrupt and hasty changes are just more propaganda released for Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address and in reaction to his historically atrocious polling.

This again, against the fake news mainstream media, reinforces this stolen presidency is a dangerous power-grab against American freedoms.

The only science our CDC does is political science.

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  1. The material in your Blog today is just incredible.

    We listen to the Police Scanner (Police, Fire, and EMT). Not long ago, all calls involving health were accompanied by covid-19 Positive, Negative, or Unknown.

    Now, even on sick people with high temperatures, no mention of covid. I’m not suggesting that the previous cases were all covid-19 positive, I am suggesting that the test may have falsely listed many as positive when they were suffering from some other illness. But the complete shift away from reporting the status represents a coordinated effort at a grand scale, especially when coupled to your Blog today, and other things we are seeing.

    It may be that things are still bad but being hidden. It likely is that things were never as bad as represented and they easily had the latitude to change the reporting and handling methods approaching the Election this year to benefit the democrats. This is a Biological Weapon physically or psychologically, the end result is similar in terms of the devastation caused.

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    • I was in a 3 story medical complex today while Dodie was having her annual physical. The entryway doors had Masks Must Be Worn to Enter sign.
      I counted 77 people go in and out. 41 did NOT have masks on. Some were praising others for not wearing theirs. 2 people, a couple, took theirs off when they saw others not wearing.

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      • A Brittish couple, runs a Caravan Campsite most of the year, vacations in, and Vlogs from, Tenerife. They were on a Boat, a Ferry most likely, the wife filming them in selfie style, and she suddenly noticed her hubby not wearing his mask. When she asked him why he wasn’t wearing it he simply replied “No one else has theirs on”. Alas, where I go for blood work, I still have yet to see someone without one, and that includes professional offices. My cardiologist recommended vaccination, we debated. He accused me of being a Fox News follower. I told him the research I’ve done, and doctors I follow, I’m not sure a cardiologist recommending vaccination is a good sign. Have this many been misled?

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        • When Obamacare was kicking in, I interviewed many physicians and surgeons throughout the US. It provided me much knowledge about the politics, behind the scenes ramblings and state of the medical field. At the time, only 13% of physicians were members of the American Medical Association (AMA) because the board had been bought out just like politicians. Like FDA, CDC, etc.,what they said became the official stance. The organization was rewarded as gatekeepers to the medical codes required for Medicare, insurance companies, hospitals, etc.
          To keep it lucrative, the # of codes for various ailments went from less than 2000 to now more than 7000. Like a shell game, codes change, come & go every month. To be paid you have to know the codes.
          AMA doesn’t make their money off of membership dues anymore. It dwindled. They are enriched with power and monetary gains by all these entities (doctors, hospitals, suppliers….) paying a monthly subscription for the updates from AMA.
          I could get far more truthful-reliable information and opinion from doctors who belong to the American Society of Surgeons and Physicians—some of which are my sources today.
          That all said, basically they’ve practically been forced to play the game to stay.

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          • Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is this the group you speak of?

            AAPS, they have an Article on Masks (Simply Entitled: Mask Facts ), 26 September 2020, and I think their Article is much better than the material from the Govt.

            They Conclude: “Wearing masks (other than N95) will not be effective at preventing SARS-CoV-2 transmission, whether worn as source control or as PPE.”

            And there are limitations to N95 as well, but there is no way that Simple Masks and Cloth Facial Coverings stopped the spread of the infection. The govt knew this and pushed them anyway. That’s Frightening. AAPS analyzed the situation and drew a conclusion that is based on the principles of Respiratory Protection that I am familiar with. The others organizations were led around by the nose, knowing full well that what they were saying couldn’t possibly work.

            The Article on Masks that I mention even address why Simple Masks aren’t even the Source Control that we were told by the “authorities”.

            Great Blog bringing important things to light. Thanks for your efforts.

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