‘Truck Joe Biden’ is New Chant Across America

Freedom Rolls With USA Truckers

As midnight ended the first day of America’s great trucker convoys, over 976 trucks and other vehicles settled down in Arizona and beyond. The People’s Convoy group reported donations totalling $464,731 directly to their organization website:


Along the way supporters greeted and thanked the truckers with flags, banners and chants of TRUCK JOE BIDEN. Food, water, letters from children and even 25,000 gallons of fuel were provided.

Despite the downplay and propaganda from mainstream media, independent and patriotic news providers reported the facts and enthusiasm of the cause.

The send off crowd sang ‘Amazing Grace’ with the Truckers before they left California.
Shared live on Internet.
Crowds gathered to welcome the Convoy into Arizona to rest for the night.

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12 thoughts on “‘Truck Joe Biden’ is New Chant Across America

      1. As you, I have been around a while. I started following politics and the news when I was 12, and probably too young to be interested in such nonsense, but my parents thought it was cute. Now at almost 73, I don’t believe I have ever witnessed such a large part of our population bordering on hopelessness. There is no fix to what DC is doing, or is there a way to stop them. If God is coming for a second time, then now would be a good opening before everything goes to complete hell.

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        1. Not knowing what’s quite wrong with me, I continue to have hope that the culprits will get their due justice both here on earth and the hereafter. Yep, like you I started paying attention to politics when JFK was assassinated. I was less 2 weeks away from turning 8. Started college as a political science major, but finished up a journalism mjr. Us older whippersnappers know a thing or two about politics. Thanks again.

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