Pennsylvania 2020 Election Integrity Problems Severe

Corporate Mainstream Media and Pennsylvania Democrats gaslight American voters by claiming election fraud in their state is a hoax. However, there we’re 1.8 million ballots sent out and 2.5 million returned.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out there is something terribly wrong and illegal. That’s not enough? Here’s more.

Of the ballots that were returned,

🔹1556 voters were 100 years old or older.

🔹39 voters lived through the Civil War.

🔹45 voters were born in 1800 (making them 220 years old).

🔹526 voters were less than 18 years old.

🔹100,000 voters were older than 87 years old (with an average lifespan of 78).

Known Pennsylvania 2020 General Election irregularities

Overall Number inconsistencies

  • A total of 423,116 votes were removed from President Trump on election day.
  • In Philadelphia County there are 1686 precincts. In 278 of those precincts, 97% or more votes were for Joe Biden. This is an unprecedented outlier.
  • According to a statement released on December 28th by Rep. Mike Jones, there were 170,000 more ballots cast than there were voters who actually voted. None of these irregularities were investigated or resolved due to the fact that this data surfaced after Secretary Boockvar and Governor Wolf certified the election results.
  • Over 21,000 dead people were on voter rolls prior to the November 3rd election. Out of that number, 12,192 were listed as Active Voters.

Voting Machine Issues

  • Pennsylvania purchased new electronic voting machines from a variety of companies ahead of the November 2020 election. 14 counties have Dominion voting machines, which came under intense scrutiny regarding issues of potential voter fraud.
  • Dominion claims that their machines are not able to connect to the internet and therefore cannot be hacked into for the purpose of switching votes from one candidate to another. However, American witnessed on live TV in the Senate Georgia hearing on January 5th, 2021 the voting machines were in fact connected to WiFi and an individual was able to hack into the machines through his phone giving him direct access to the votes in real-time.
  • Pennsylvania vote totals changed from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in very large batches. For reference, here is one of the larger changes made in real-time on election night.
    • 11/3, on CNN at 11:09 pm – 11:10 pm
  • Trump 1,690,589 Biden 1,252,537
  • Trump 1,670,631 Biden 1,272,495
  • This shows a direct switch of 19,958 votes going from Trump to Biden.
  • It is now well outlined that the voting machines in Pennsylvania were in tampered with by foreign adversaries in China. Documented evidence includes IP addresses of the computers responsible for hacking into our voting system and switching votes in numerous states, including Pennsylvania.

Mail In Ballot Issues

  • By November 10, 2021, more than 20,000 mail in ballots had impossible return dates and 80,000 have very questionable return dates.
  • 51,000 mail in ballots were recorded as received just one day after they were sent out.
  • 35,000 mail in ballots were returned on the same day they were sent out.
  • 23,000 mail in ballots have a return date that is earlier than the sent date – a total impossibility.
  • More than 9,000 mail in ballots have no sent date listed at all.
  • 43,000 mail in ballots were returned two days after being sent out, which is remarkably fast, but extremely rare.

Unconstitutional Changes

  • In September of 2020, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that ballots could be accepted until 5 p.m. Friday November 6th, as long as they were postmarked by Election Day. The justices also said those ballots could be accepted even if they did not have a postmark or had one that was illegible, as long as there was not a “preponderance of evidence” to show they were sent too late. This is a direct violation of the Pennsylvania Constitution that stipulate changes to election laws must go through the legislative branch.
  • On October 23, 2020, upon a petition from the Secretary of the Commonwealth, the state Supreme Court ruled that mail-in ballots need not authenticate signatures for said ballots, thereby treating in-person and mail-in voters dissimilarly and eliminating a critical safeguard to ensure the integrity of the vote.
  • The Department of State under Kathy Boockvar changed the rules on the Monday prior to election day, by providing last-second guidance directing counties to provide information to help voters whose mail-in or absentee ballots were incorrectly completed so those voters could vote on a provisional ballot. This violates the equal protection clause of the US Constitution giving an unfair advantage to mail in ballot voter versus in person voters.

A letter from a signed petition of over 72,000 voters (growing at least 500 signatures a day) with Audit The Vote–PA went to all Pennsylvania Representatives and Senators. In part, below are key parts of the petition:

“We are reaching out to voice our concern over the Pennsylvania 2020 election process, procedures, and alleged fraud to restore confidence in our entire election process moving forward…we are extremely disappointed at not just the handling of the election irregularities, but also what appears to be the blatant disregard for the rule of law in our home state.”

“The Pennsylvania Supreme Court system allowed former Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar, to make last minute changes to Act 77, which in and of itself is a disaster. We now know that many of you did not even read the entire bill before signing it into law…”

“…the Supreme Court’s decision violated the Pennsylvania Constitution which clearly outlines that any changes made to the law must go through the legislature…”

“In addition, on November 19th, the Pennsylvania House voted to approve a Republican-sponsored measure to set up a near-immediate audit of the 2020 election, citing inconsistencies and confusion in the electorate as evidence that the process must be improved for future elections in the state. The vote was 112 in favor of the audit and 90 against it. However, the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee ultimately rejected the request for an audit. They were expected to release a report to include the following information on both the county level and statewide level:

  • For both absentee and mail-in ballots, the number of applications received, the number that were approved by the county board of elections, and the number returned by voters that were subsequently canvassed.
  • The number of qualified voters who used provisional ballots.
  • The number of applications for absentee ballots from people who were not registered to vote, but subsequently did submit a voter registration application in time for the election — and the same information concerning mail-in ballots.
  • For each county, the date and time that the county board of elections began pre-canvassing absentee ballots and mail-in ballots.
  • Reviews of incidents with voting machines; of “any inconsistent treatment” of mail-in ballots received after 8 p.m. on Election Day; of any inconsistencies in the way counties processed “deficient” ballots; and of access given to poll watchers and authorized representatives.”

This was never done.

“We believe this is more than enough evidence for WE THE PEOPLE to request a full investigative audit of the 2020 election. We have grave concerns that our elected officials are not representing the people who put them in office due to the following:

  1. Governor Wolf has made it clear that he has no interest in investigating the nature of these large numbers of errors and just wants everyone to move on.
  2. Kathy Boockvar Tweeted on March 7, 2017 that “Using the title ‘President’ before the word ‘Trump’ really demeans the office of the presidency.”
  3. Josh Shapiro is on video tape saying that Trump supporters who want answers to these questions are insane and have something mentally wrong with them.

“Because of their own comments, we do not believe any of these elected officials are going to be willing to give the Pennsylvania citizens the peace of mind that we are seeking by fully investigating the 2020 election. We are hereby requesting an investigative audit of the 2020 election to include the following:”

  1. Recounts for all in person votes cast on election day including provisional ballots. We request that these be cross referenced with the mail in ballots to make sure each person only voted once.
  2. Recounts and audits including signature verification in accordance with Act 77 on all mail in ballots with an initial focus on Philadelphia and Allegheny counties.
  3. Full forensic investigation on all electronic voting machines conducted by an independent audit company.”

“Attached you will find signatures of ­­over 72,000 Pennsylvania residents who are behind this effort and that number is growing by 500-1000 signatures daily. We appreciate you being willing to do the job we elected you for and look forward to hearing from you regarding your plans to proceed with the full investigative audit of the 2020 General Election.

The petition was signed byToni L. Shuppe, a co-founder of Audit The Vote PA.

Following is a press release from July 21, 2021 which only helps prevent future election integrity concerns, but doesn’t answer 2020 fraud issues:

Department Of State Decertifies Fulton County’s Voting System

Harrisburg, PA – Acting Secretary of State Veronica W. Degraffenreid has informed the Fulton County Board of Elections that she has decertified the county’s voting system for future elections because it was subjected to a post-election review by a third party in violation of Pennsylvania’s Election Code.

“I have a statutory obligation to examine, evaluate and certify electronic voting systems,” Secretary Degraffenreid said in a July 20, 2021, letter to the county. “These reviews include verifying that the voting system conforms to federal and state law and any regulations or standards regarding confidentiality, security, accuracy, safety, reliability, usability, accessibility, durability, resiliency, and auditability.”

Earlier this year, Fulton County officials allowed Wake TSI, a company with no knowledge or expertise in election technology, to access certain key components of its certified system, including the county’s election database, results files, and Windows systems logs. The county officials also allowed the company to use a system imaging tool to take complete hard drive images of these computers and other digital equipment. 

“These actions were taken in a manner that was not transparent,” the Secretary said in her letter. “As a result of the access granted to Wake TSI, Fulton County’s certified system has been compromised and neither Fulton County, the vendor, Dominion Voting Systems, nor the Department of State can verify that the impacted components of Fulton County’s leased voting system are safe to use in future elections.”

The third-party access to Fulton County’s voting system undermined the chain of custody requirements and strict access limitations necessary to prevent both intentional and inadvertent tampering with electronic voting systems. The unauthorized access prevents the vendor from affirming that the system continues to meet state and federal certification standards.


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  1. i met a guy that had 100 ballots mailed to him in the mail and was so upset when he began talking about it to me his anger raged at the people that refused to listen in jugical areas, him, mom discovered the votes in the mail box while he was at work, i know the guys story. the election, there was people with xerox machines that can authenticatde any type of printed paper there is matching the ink where ballots where xeroxed and mailed to people in each and every state yet the accumilation mass numbers of illegal votes were more seen in the states in where the ballots were xeroxed probably due to the cost of postage where they printed ballots, then there really was open vpn ports left open on admin pc’s during the election as findings was being reported by numerpous places at many times where also people that use to work for software companys sold encrypted codes to them ass public and novice people. the thing with the open vpn port left open on election vote casting proved by people that had diagnosed the pc systems know because someone mannually opened the vpn ports they achived allowing others to access the internal parts of a pc and rumage their the pc’s data and basicly do what they want. the will of the people wasn’t reflected in the vote what so ever even if you consider looking at the qualifications of other canidates that ran for office. Numbers Dont lie! When there are more votes then people you have math to do of where those votes came from and the vehcile of how those votes managed to make it into a voting system sorta like looking at the ransomeware ya have to look at what countrys wasnt attacked be ransomeware and you could narrow it down to the country that caused the ransomeware attacks as they probablky wouldnt attack their own country, right? The mass amount of illegal votes that were xeroxed and didnt match the number of people in the area as there was too many of them those votes were probabty printed on a professional xerox machine some of them of which you can buy on amazon or other on line sites, you use to be able to buy voting machiens on line, one whim buys a voting machine on line what is their intended purpose?


      • thats a truth. its my testimony to the American people and our parent countries. I’m a disabled American Veteran where i fell down an entire flight of stairs and i got TBI from it. i fell from one platform to the other, not bouncing down the stairs of a stair case. there was a extension cord on one platform in fort leonardwood mo, going to the barracks my feet got tangled in the extension cord and i feel landing on my right side of my skull with all my body weight and my right shoulder, my right leg had injury too. So, I’m working getting my Veterans benefits. As far as the man i met that had 100 ballots mailed to him soon as we began mentioning things about the news statements he became infuriated with anger as the people that control the polls and any thing to do with the voting process he stated they wouldn’t listen to him that they need to check the amount of votes mailed out as he had 100 of them mailed to him in his name where his mom pulled them out of the mail box and brought them in thehouse per his statement until he got home from work and he has people that are family and friends and associates and he was mentioning the same thing to them per his conversation and found there was an over whelming amount of people that had a case such as his yet he is from Wisconsin where he lives yet travels south to work. he has a walking cane he holds with his right hand and he lim0ps a lot from an injury he has as well. he had proof. other customers came in so i did my best to change the conversation and began mentioning about the military troop transport carrier i was inventing that i mailed the original drafts to the DOD, i k now their address, yet it was of a humvee that has a inverted triangle made of specialcomposistion material to divert IED blasts. I was a combat Engineer 12-B, they have demolition, yet i took my learned knowledge from the military and thought if i could detonate something then i should know how to protect something from being blowing up and began mentioning the concussion springs above the inverted triangle to compress the explosions to slow the blast and heighten the trucks so their farther off the ground to make the distance greater to the bottom of the humvee. i have a friend that lost his left arm due to a IED yet he was a EOD and that was his job in mine sweeps, i sat for hours in front of him explaining what i mailed to donald rumsfeld at the time, that was 3E880 The Pentagon Washington DC right after 9/11. All real. very true. i have a few inventions i had been working on at home yet it takes me time to get to something finished or even my paintings because my arms and hands hurt and it makes it extremely uncomfortable to do much of anything. Yet, i successfully diverted the conversation to prevent so much anger while at mattress firm where she bought me my medical bed and I’m thankful because i hadn’t owned a bed prior to this one in probably 20 years or more, i slept on a couch. Had to help change the type of conversation i had at a gas station today when the lady working there asked what happened to me and i mentioned the military service from falling in the stair case besides the mess hall when i began getting dizzy spells and i mentioned the assulot that happened to me when i was kicked repeditly in the face by a officer perry way back in 2002 and also kicked me in thelubar spine and the lady stated that there is a war against the police and i told her while I’m standing there,wait a minute, my issue that happened to me hadn’t happened to other people at all and stated many of the people your probably mentioning never had onerun in with the law what so ever and she agreed to that being true and stated I’m not interested in anyone getting hurt and stated imagine if you were at a bank and a bank robber had a gun pointing to your skull, would you pray the police where there to save your life and she nodded her head yes and then confirmed that she would pray thepolice were there. I’m not in desire to cause harm in any form of way to any man woman and or familyor child or older person no matter whom they are, my case is not 100% of the USA nor much the same as any other countryand some of them are self imposing their own hate into national issues that they really don’t know about at all and never had an incident happen to them. though, i have to get up off my medical bed and have a soda, i have to work on something my kitchen.


      • im not interested in sponcering any form of war against any countryand or group of people no matter whom they are, i merely want my cases heard and where i can get compensation and resolve. yes in my own mind i do feel there is a lack of truth in justice, that i own myself, that pertains to ie such as my Mom where her husband shot and killed my own mother yet the police was warned he pulled a pistol on me when i came back fromsetting up the band at the rustic, he held the gun in his left hand, had the safety off, had a full mag in the handle, a police issued glock, two feet from me he sated she is my wife not your mom i want you out of my house. the next morning the crest hill illinosi police was kicking the couch rudely stating get up and get out of his house and i told them with my Mom standing there and the two officers and jerk murderer rudy that he had a gun pointing at my skull last night, there is where the police department failed, there is where i made the written statement thepolice killed my mom besides rudy as per investigations they were legally bound by law to remove the pistol from his house until a full investigation took place. H0ow do i know what his gun looks like i was asked, i stated he had it pointingat my skull with his rightindex finger on the trigger and i thought he was going to take my life like he did his wife prior to my Mom and myMom as well, yet ironicly i knew him before my Mom had because he had M&M hobby shop that use to be on Plainfield road and i walked there withmy allowance money to buy a P-38 Lockheed Lightning and i interrupted him pointing at the ceiling stating that plane isn’t going to fly right because it has a flat front end, well it was a www1 aircraft that had a plate behind the proipellor not like current aircraft that have a nose cone to deduce drag, he grabbed my P-38 with his right hand, borkeit in half a balsawood model, threw it to the parkinglot out of his store then threw me out where i have a huge gash in my face from the incident that is very noticeable. i walked home with my face full of blood and my dad asked me what happened and i just stated i fell down i literally didn’t know how to describe it as a 6th grader.


      • though officer kepler is whom extinguised his cigarette butt on my left forearm when he held me down on the ground with his knees on my back and head holding my left arm out and putting his cigarette out on my forearm where the scar still is. officer Richard perry is the man that booted me in the left sideof my face over and over where chucks of my skin came off my left corner of my left eye then he booted me in the lumbar part of my spine with his work boots. just so the information is correct.


      • yet, there is 320,000 million Americans plus and only half of that number had problems related to police officers, not the entire amount. yet i had been looking for console to resolve my case in a tort action case, i have been in contact with attorneys and their words i have to retain to myself.

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  2. i know of the illegal xerox machines that illegally print everythiung from bank checks to cahsiers checks to ballots, the banks i brought illegally printed bank checks and cashiers checks to couldnt distinguish that the checks were fake illegally printed by a xerox machine, it became something i investigated on my own, also where they persons were printing company names on the checks that was illegally printed by a xerox machine where i had contacted the companys that had their name on the checks then mailed them the illegally printed check in the us postal mail. the ballots were printed the same way as the illegal checks where i suffered from being defrauded of my time and money when i attempted to deposite the check in a chase bank account on jefferson street in joliet Illinois. the check was mailed to me from a texas area at a us postal office in texas to joliet. how i came in possession of the check was i was selling one of my art work pieces on craigslist a online site to sell to make money, the same area where one area sent me a bogus check for a painting i was paintingon behalf of cardiovascular surgeons in s=pecifica i titled it my doctor vehement c oz painting of a heart and veins where at the Chicago botanic gardens they told me not to sell my paintings for under $2,500 when we had a meeting with society at the Chicago botanic gardens. well i listed my painting on craigslist and someone then mailed me a check from texas for $10,000 of a large painting and it turned out to be a fake check that was fictiously printed by a professional xerox machine the same way they printed the illegal ballots in texas where professional people couldn’t determine the difference between the companies name checks and the illegally printed checks, that check was package crafters incorporated in north Carolina the other check was a credit union in kansas, so what have you is someone looking up on line and or in a phone book companies names and then authenticating printed checks with a xerox machine. I write this statement as an Oath on behalf of the free American People and all the Voters and any and every man woman child or older person that suffered from illegal activity that had suffered from the same thing i had and 300,000 million people in America besides our parent countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • yeep, not a problem. if you want to help, i have a multiethnical neighborhood and they needs some super supports too becasue they listen to it all, all the time. as far as the information listed you can actually google it and research it and youll find those names and places. i am thinkful youve read my writing, thank you so much!

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    • the main people that was there on january 6th was officers of the law and relations, they had intell all along some from the NSA as the NSA has to communicate with law enforcement in regards to huge American issues as they have survelliance on alomst everything digitally, thats reality. in regards to electronic systems they police probably had an emmence amount of intell in regards to the election, some pd might be pro trump some might be pro otherwise yet there was administration machines found with open vpn ports and that was discovered, it was also listed on the internet too i think. a VPN port VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and some of the voter election fraud could be found because once youclose the VPN port from having it open originally it lacks forms of digital tracing in those pc systems yet not the rest of the internet. Permanate Record like that book Edward Snowden wrote, online there isrecord of everything that becomes part of some pc somewhere and adjacnet pc networks. much to do about nothing, if wifi and blue tooth never existed too the amount of exposed data in pc systems wouldnt had been open to the public, that besides the spyware that was put in messenger in facebook.

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  3. a open VPN port has to be manually opened by a human being. the administration pc’s connected to the voting areas. When a VPN port is left open someone from the other side 0of Earth much less in internal United States could get into and rumage threw anything in the pc system as well as change and alter data. its not as complicated as you think. it leaves no trail really unless the server was found with the VPN port open. if there is like say suspision of something that pertains to missing data and or changed data, sometimes ya gotta look at the pc’s directly and find other types of ports such as UBS drive ports or serial ports or ethernet ports. How you can try this at home though, is go to settings, then click on networks and it should show if the VPN port is open and or closed. An election process there isnt supposed to be anything, no matter what anything is, connected to the voting machines what so ever not even a DSL line or a salitite nor internal hidden modums in the pc voting machines. Tabulators or card counters there was some pc’s found with actually missing card counters. RAM and ROM and HARD DRIVES are removable electronics in pc systems that maintain records or files or data, there was found a couple voting machines had memeory taken out meaning its electonics components listed or storage capability.

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  4. Yet the extra ballots what they ment that there was more ballots then there were people becasue those are the areas where xeroxed ballots were sent to andyou cant tell them apart from regular ballots. chasiers checks and bank checks and including money orders was being printed in the same way and alls ye need is the correct type of paper like the old guys way back in early America that would seal the kint type of stamps metal things to impress an imageonto paper to make counterfeit moeny that is like old fashi0on stuff, i think if you click on the secret service web site like iu had to do to comparre my counterfiet check mailed to me to other examples they have pictures you can match your things to somewhat yet ya cant hold them like under a light to see the water marks becasue youd be looking at a plasma screen and not the physical image that are two different forms of inspections as a onlooker or viewer to see or inspect. yet back in early America that type of counterfieting was relics and people realklynever knew what to look for until counterfeiting was discovered, in today’s time counterfeiting is much easier to duplicate ballots and or cashiers checks or bank checks due to the type of machines they are and i tested that once on a five dollar bill when found out, i put a five dollar bill on my mfc-490cw and copied a five dollar bill on normal typing paper and i was awe struck and depresssed knowing those machines would probably end up ruining peoples lives as to how it authenticates an image perfectly where you can do the same thing with normal photos. that is what society is faced with in m0odern times and it happened to us as we had the wool pulled over our eyes when a chasiers check was mailed to us with the name of a business on it for $10,000 dollars to buy my doctor oz painting on behalf of cardiovascular surgeans and once we tried depositing it we had to pay a fine for depositing it because it was a bad illegally printed check where the bankers couldn’t even tell theirself, i had a cop take a picture of the envelope it was mailed in as well as the check itself that came from texas. we had nothingmroe then one financial loss after the other because of all that dumb stuff everyone was doing to each other.

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  5. yet do you know what the NSA means? It means National Secuirty Agency, they do many things other then track cell phones or pc devices. the polcie department gets a ton of their information from the NSA and it was a lot of police officers at the january 6th thing that went on that was trying to stop the certification of an illegal process from the stand point of intell. they reallyshould release them all from jail. the only people reallya rrgravated about what happened on january 6th is just the people that were in that building. Its really bad!

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  6. the people that were in that buiulding didnt want all their information coming out as fas as their care was more of corporation votes and not the American People votes. trump was also trying to stop the lobbist that sold out the American people, that thats bad to choose the vote of a corportation over 300,000 plus human beings in the untied states other then those stationed over seas.

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  7. im not an officer, im not a cop, i do have mty own arguement agaisnt a few of them that doesnt pertain to anything outlines above that are two seperate issues. yet there are many people that know the same thing. i was left on my own to conduct my own investigsations of my own cases and issues because i lacked the help i should of had from police at the time of occurance, again that is seperate from all other topics. there are a few bad apples in every segment of society. PATRICK!!!

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  8. many of them are good and they do try to do good and have over looked many things many times to be fair. there are also many good non police that have done the same amount of good such as the veteran that ran out of ammo in war and alls he was left with for survival while he was being shot at was a buck knife and he opened his knife to protect himself while he was being shot at and stabbed the emeny right threw the heart yet that is also a know case on TV when they aired that in the begining of iraq as reported. many bad things on Earth, had been. Me? Im personally interested in saving the only planet we have to live on and was trying ot find a way to regroup everyone to help put out the fires in the west even if they have to dig a canal to the drought areas from the oceans!

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  9. […] Corporate Mainstream Media and Pennsylvania Democrats gaslight American voters by claiming election fraud in their state is a hoax. However, there were 1.8 million ballots sent out and 2.5 million returned. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out there is something terribly wrong and illegal. That’s not enough? Here’s more. Of the ballots that  […continue at…] Pennsylvania 2020 Election Integrity Problems Severe — Clever Journeys […]

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  10. This news is particularly pertinent relating to prophecies and election events for Philadephia and Pennsylvania (eg. Charles Shamp two prophecies include ‘The Keystone State’), especially Yvonne Coombs painting and prophecy in Heaven’s Snare and Stairway over USA on Eve of 400th Anniversary of Arrival of The Mayflower (also see update):
    Go to blog below to read all preceding links…

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