Patriotic Truckers Have The Power to Save Citizens From Tyranny

Under White House Resident Joe Biden, unvaccinated illegal aliens by the hundreds of thousands are encouraged and welcomed to come into the United States.

Illegal immigrants allowed into the US each day under Biden.

Hypocrisy rules for the Biden-Harris Administration as their Homeland Security announced Thursday that truckers from Mexico and Canada will no longer be permitted to enter the US without vaccine passports.

“These updated travel requirements reflect the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to protecting public health while safely facilitating the cross-border trade and travel that is critical to our economy,” Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement.

Freedom Convoy

On Monday, those in mainstream media who bothered to report it, revealed about 40 Canadian truckers protested near the U.S. border in Emerson, Manitoba. By Wednesday, over 45,000 truckers formed convoys throughout Canadian interstates and at key US-Canada crossing points. The goal is to embark on one of the largest protests for citizens of both countries as they head for the capital, Ottawa, on Saturday.

In freezing weather, along all convoy routes, truckers are greeted by thousands of citizens in support of their cause.”

“Twelve of us brought crockpots of hot food and we fed as many as we could,” said Teresa LaFluer in Emerson. “We have friends doing the same further down the highway. We are feeding our heroes.”

Some RVers have joined the convoy to help prepare meals and show support.

Deemed the Canadian-US Freedom Convoy 2022, the group collected over 60,000 donations from GoFundMe since its launch on Jan. 14. These funds will primarily cover fuel costs “and hopefully food and lodgings to help ease the pressures of this arduous task,” organizers said.

“The Biden Administration has been playing a giant game of chicken with the American workforce over the last few months by forcing a vaccine mandate that was unlawful – as the U.S. Supreme Court recently held – and in so doing, undermining our freedoms by way of coercing American workers into taking the vaccine,” noted the Freedom Fighter Nation. “Unfortunately, the government of Canada has been behaving in a similar fashion. But throughout history, countries have risen and fallen on the backs of the blue-collar boys and girls, and this era is no different.”

“The decision by Trudeau and Biden to prevent trucker crossings at our borders by unvaccinated workers was the last straw – it represented the proverbial match that ignited a nation to action: the Canadian truckers have planned a convoy-protest, and America is joining in.”

With pressure from Washington, GoFundMe decided Tuesday to halt distributing more than $3.7 million already raised for the trucker convoys.

“Our goal is to protect the generosity of donors and ensure that every dollar donated on our platform reaches the right place,” a GoFundMe spokesperson said in a statement on Tuesday. “We require that fundraisers be transparent about the flow of funds and have a clear plan for how those funds will be spent.”

In the US, estimates indicate over 6,000 drivers are joining in the protests so far.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance and American Trucking Alliance originally estimated that up to 15% of drivers would leave cross-border trucking as a result of the mandates. Recent actions by truckers in both countries indicate that number could be much larger.

Trucks typically haul over $300 billion of freight between the U.S. and Canada annually, with about 75% handled by Canadian drivers.

“This convoy is open to all freedom-lovers: Farmers, moms in Volvos, plumbers, teachers, nurses, doctors, mechanics, restaurant employees, retirees and students – EVERYONE,” said the Freedom Fighters organization. “If you are within a day’s ride to one of these borders – GO!!!

ALL TRUCKERS — as well as all other citizens with automobiles – can support the Canadian-US Freedom Convoy. People from both countries are encouraged to participate and support your fellow Freedom Fighters.

When: Saturday, January 29th at 12:00 noon EST

Where: Rendezvous at the border locations listed below on.

  • Houlton, Maine
  • Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
  • Sweet Grass, Montana

Convoy Route Information: Canadian Truckers can visit the Canada Unity – Bear Hug 2.0 website for more details about the various convoy routes, meeting spots and times.

Trucker Channel Information: Canada truckers will be reaching out to US counterparts to RALLY. Come out in support With Your Rigs/Cars/Trucks, and convoy to the borders.

  • Canadian Truckers use channel 1
  • US Truckers use channel 19

We also are asking for names of truckers that would be willing to strap short-term signage to their trailers. If you are interested, reach out to Maureen at 406-240-7881. Folks, this isn’t about a vaccine: this is about Freedom. “

God Bless Our Truckers

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.


  1. Bravo for these courageous and freedom-loving truckers. May God bless them and cause Trudeau and Biden to BACK OFF their tyrannical power grabs. With everything we now know about the jabs, to continue to try to mandate them is not only foolish, but criminal.

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  2. Several countries have dropped most covid mandates, the assertion of new ones in Canada and the U.S. is not for the purpose of Disease Control, as you clearly indicated by the influx of illegal immigrants.

    Search for the sentence below:

    David Dewhurst says he’s seen Border Patrol signs in English, Spanish and Chinese

    Politifact has images of the signs. So it’s not just hispanic people from south of the border entering from Mexico, it’s many different nationalities.

    Yet, the U.S. and Canada are worried of the spread of covid from drivers crossing the borders? Hardly. There is something seriously amiss in this country, and if it’s not soon stopped, it may become permanent. This is globalism and control, not disease control.

    If there were a genuine need to restrict crossing, the material could be transported across by Train into depots (Isolated from democrat cities where citizens strip them of their goods while still on the train) and pick-ed up and hauled from there, on either side. If there were a need, this could be easily bypassed and people would support it, but there is no need but control.

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