News Briefs Mainstream Media Downplayed This Week

This week we learned FEMA is providing funds to shuttle illegals across the country.

1.9 million illegal immigrants were apprehended at the southern border in 2021. That’s larger than the population of Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio combined.

The only thing on Joe Biden’s schedule Tuesday as Russia threatens to invade Europe and the border crisis breaks records, was shopping and ice cream. Then he called a “lid” (no more activity) for the remainder of the day.

Meanwhile, new polls show Biden’s approval rating has tanked to a historic low of just 39 percent.

Nancy Pelosi, 81, announced Tuesday she is running for reelection.

The FDA’s reason for revoking usage of the monoclonal antibodies is that it “doesn’t work well on Omicron”. But we were all JUST told that the Omicron variant is resistant to the vaccines. So why didn’t they revoke usage of ALL Pfizer and Moderna vaccines? THIS IS PURE EVIL.”–Candace Owens

The Biden administration has formally withdrawn it’s Covid Vaccine mandate for businesses after losing the Supreme Court case.

OSHA will withdraw the vaccination and testing emergency temporary standard for large businesses, effective January 26th.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: “States led by Republican Governors are leading America’s job recovery.”

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  1. Let us actively convert the new immigrants into Republicans. These peoples’ cultures are already family oriented and conservative. They just don’t know what “Democrats” and “Republicans” mean.

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  2. Nothing like a good war to take the heated spotlight off of the offender. If our Republican officials had any balls, which they don’t, they would dig deep to find out who or what is leading Biden to this decision. AOC, Pelosi, Soro’s? Who knows, and who wants to find out? We need a national prayer vigil for Nancy Pelosi’s expiration. I hear the power of prayer is strong and sometimes works. See ya at church.

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