Staff Shortage Forces More Hospitals to Permanently, Temporarily Close Services

Since the Biden Administration took office, many American hospitals have struggled with critical staff shortages.

Exit surveys show the primary causes are forced experimental ‘vaccine’ requirements, pandemic related stress, inconsistent hospital leadership and government mandates.

Here is a list of some of the most recent hospital actions as of January 8, 2022.

🔹Holy Cross Health in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., temporarily closed its labor and delivery unit amid a staffing shortage. the hospital confirmed to Becker’s Jan. 3. This did not affect the neonatal intensive care unit and the postpartum unit.

🔹Hospitals in the Chicago area are delaying non-urgent surgeries and other procedures not risking patient safety after a plea to do so from Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker and the Illinois Health and Hospital Association.

🔹Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System temporarily closed 97 beds as of Jan. 3. Fifty-two beds are closed at Henry Ford Hospital; 34 at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital; and 11 at Henry Ford Allegiance Health in Jackson, Mich. Henry Ford said these hospitals account for more than 1,550 of the health system’s more than 2,000 beds.

🔹Junction City, Kan.-based Geary Community Hospital will close its intensive care unit by Feb. 1 because of fiscal problems and nursing shortages. The hospital will close the unit through a phased transition, according to a Jan. 3 statement by the hospital.

🔹University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City is postponing at least 20 percent of its surgeries temporarily. “We have to be able to preserve our abilities to do surgeries … where major risk to life or limb are at stake,” Robert Glasgow, MD, the hospital’s chair of surgery, said during a news conference on Jan. 4.

🔹Radnor, Pa.-based Main Line Health, which serves parts of Philadelphia and its western suburbs, announced Jan. 2 it will pause all nonemergent surgeries for at least two weeks.

🔹Advocate Aurora Health temporarily closed three urgent care facilities Dec. 29 in the Milwaukee area due to staffing shortages.

🔹Psychiatric units and hospitals in Massachusetts have taken at least 154 additional mental beds offline solely because of staffing needs within the last 10 months. 

🔹The U.S. National Institutes of Health is “postponing” elective surgeries at its hospital in Bethesda, Md.

🔹Maternity services will no longer be available at Pulaski Memorial Hospital in Winamac, Ind., beginning this month. The hospital has had difficulty recruiting additional staff to replace their losses.

🔹Mercyhealth, which has seven hospitals in Wisconsin and Illinois, filed an application with the Illinois Health and Services Review Board to end inpatient services at Javon Bea Hospital-Rockton in 2022 because of their nursing shortage.

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  1. Will be interesting dynamic over time that will developed. families are becoming more independent when it comes to medical care and selecting alternative practitioners to guide them through a through a healthy life.

    Over this pandemic the doctors sided with the pharmaceutical companies and their employers over patient’s rights and patient care. the people see this and they’ll be a growing mistrust of the white Coats

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  2. Dr. Fauci has contradicted everything I learned in nursing school and from working in hospitals. I learned – and this is what hospitals have used for protocols -1. masks are only good for half an hour because the moisture in your breath destroys the safety barrier. 2. N-95 masks have to be specially fitted to form a tight seal in order to be effective. 3. Soap and water are the best things to use to wash your hands. Only use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available. 4. You have to use PROPER hand-washing to be effective. That means using friction for at least 20 seconds to kill the organisms. It’s the friction – not the soap – which kills the organisms. 5. If your skin dries out and cracks from using hand sanitizer and washing your hands frequently, those cracks provide an entryway for organisms. 6. Breathing in carbon dioxide while using a mask increases the carbon dioxide in your lungs and causes breathing problems. THE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT ALREADY KNOWS ALL OF THIS! WHY HAVE OUR EXPERTS REMAINED SILENT WHILE SOME BUREAUCRAT IN WASHINGTON, D.C. IS ALLOWED TO DICTATE POLICY THAT CONTRADICTS ESTABLISHED MEDICAL PROTOCOLS? – MONEY AND POWER!

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  3. I spent the first year in nursing school and although I didn’t make it to graduation, I still remember a lot I was taught and I definitely remember Patient’s Rights which was a part of learning the fundamentals of nursing. Among those rights is the Right to Refuse Treatment, The Right to Be Treated with Respect, The Right to Privacy of Your Medical Records, The Right to Choose Treatment, and The Right to Informed Consent.The Right to Refuse Treatment, and the Right to Make Decisions about your care- these rights are being violated by the government and Healthcare workers now, in the name of COVID!

    Could it be that the closing of hospitals in what the Deep State secretly WANTS to happen? No one is this stupid- this has got to be a deliberate plan to take down the system of healthcare amd set up one the Deep State deems profitable to them.

    There’s no way this can continue to stand! To many people have wised up and it goes against everything we’ve been taught and against the Constitution.

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  4. I initially told my HR manager on Friday that I would comply with weekly testing to keep my job, but the more I think and pray about it, even that is feeding into their evil system. They would have me complying with something unconstitutional and against my will, and I do not want to compromise on this one little bit. I’m waiting to see what God pulls off here, as, if I do not test by Tuesday I can “consider myself terminated.” It won’t be the first time I’ve jumped off a cliff in faith that God will catch me. I could not feel okay about this until I decided on this point; now I have real peace and even excitement! Besides, who wants a swab jammed up their nose once a week?

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