Texas Border Wall Phase II Construction Begins

Site preparation work for one segment of the extension to the Lone Star State’s border wall project has visibly begun south of Eagle Pass. Just after New Years Day, work crews were clearing land and surveying property near a truck route leading to the Camino Real International Bridge.

Days before, migrants were crossing through the area that will soon be the site of a several-mile concrete barrier and fence to impede access from the Rio Grande. The site is part of the right-of-way for Texas State Loop 480. The loop parallels the border for several miles and is notorious for migrant traffic.

Governor Greg Abbott indicated last month that several border barriers and fencing projects would begin construction.

“Since Governor Abbott announced the border wall construction strategy last month, the Department of Public Safety has been working with local landowners who consent to temporary fencing constructed on their land by Texas Military Department engineers,” the Governor’s office indicated.

On January 5, 2022, Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 100 mostly Venezuelan nationals in less than one hour near the project’s footprint.

Austin-based Starcom Technical LLC, is performing the site preparation work under contract with Anderson Columbia Construction, Inc.

Gov. Abbott and President Trump

🔹Prior to the pandemic of 2020, Numbers USA polls showed overwhelming American voter support for construction of the border wall in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

🔹Twenty-seven percent of all voters and 27 percent of Hispanics told the polls that immigration levels should be set at zero. In contrast, just 22 percent of whites said immigration should be set at zero.

🔹These polls also revealed that despite what mainstream media was trying to portray, 77 percent of Hispanics preferred immigration be trimmed to 500,000 people per year, down from the 2016 score of 1.2 million legal immigrants. In comparison, 64 percent of blacks and 58 percent of whites want immigration reformed down to a half-million per year.

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