All Time High: 80% of Democrats Agree That Illegal Aliens Skipping Court Hearings Is a Serious Problem

Biden’s Incompetence on Border Has Caused Democrats to Understand the Gravity of Issue

More bad news for current White House Resident Joe Biden and the failing Democrats as higher rates of Americans (of most political persuasions) agree that illegal aliens released into the United States causes serious problems and dangers when they do not appear at their court hearings.

Government busing ‘immigrants’ throughout the U.S.

 A new Scott Rasmussen national survey found that when respondents were informed that approximately 10% of “asylum seekers” were released into society prematurely and do not appear for subsequent court hearings, 84% of Americans now consider that to be a serious problem. Ten percent (10%) say it is not a serious problem and 6% are not sure.

Observers acknowledge these historical highs are a result of the Biden-Harris Administrations failed border and immigration policies. Law enforcement officials, medical centers and citizens are witnessing spikes in both crime and diseases as a result.

Those totals include 57% who consider it a very serious problem and 2% who say it is not at all serious.

🔹Ninety-four percent (94%) of Republicans consider it to be a serious problem.

🔹Eighty percent (80%) of Democrats consider it a serious problem–an all-time high

Yes, he actually said this.

🔹Right at 79% of independents also consider it to be a serious problem–another historical high.

🔹This view is shared by 86% of white voters, 84% of Black voters, and 78% of Hispanic voters.

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.


  1. Just judging from the cities along the border (majority Hispanic cities) that have flipped from Democrat to Republican, I would guess that the numbers supporting this stance among Hispanics may have grown since this sampling.

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  2. In Germany are 97 % are illegal. It’s not a fake, it’s true (TRUTH).

    The legacy parties have been in the process of changing the existing laws to suit the illegals for some time now.

    These are the anti-citizen parties in Germany:


    And this is the Anti-migration Party by us:

    AFD means: Alternative for Germany

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