Texas Attorney General Issues Statements on Abortion and Immigration

In Austin, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joined a multistate coalition filing an amicus brief in federal court, seeking to prevent Title X funds from being used to subsidize abortions under a rule issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Called the “Final Rule,” this Biden Administration regulation illegally allows funds appropriated under Title X of the Public Health Service Act to be used in programs where abortion is considered a method of family planning. 

This is a direct violation of the Public Health Service Act and the Administrative Procedure Act. It unlawfully extends powers to HHS that Congress simply did not give it.

Pax­ton Responds to Goli­ad County’s Bor­der Dis­as­ter Declaration

On another notable matter, Attorney General Paxton also provided a legal opinion in response to Goliad County Attorney Rob Baiamonte’s request for advice regarding a county judge’s authority to make and terminate a local disaster declaration. 

The record-breaking border crossings of illegal aliens has affected several Texas cities to the point they warrant a disaster declaration. In May 2021, Governor Greg Abbott also declared a disaster for counties near the border related to the border crossings that included Goliad County. The local disaster declaration is generally consistent with the Governor’s action. 

The Attorney General’s opinion explains the county judge’s authority to declare a local disaster, and the proper role of the commissioner’s court in the extension, termination, or approval of funding for a declared local disaster. 

In addition to providing legal opinions to authorized requestors, the Office of Attorney General Ken Paxton also provides disaster counsel to government bodies throughout the State in connection with any disaster, whether local or statewide. An appropriate requestor (a county judge, county commissioner, mayor, or the designated emergency management director of a political subdivision subject to a declared state of disaster) may contact disaster

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