15% of Deaths After COVID Vaccines Occur Within Two Days

10 Months of Data Show Vaccines Are More Deadly Than Public is Led to Believe

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) latest data reveals startling statistics against Big Pharma and the Biden Administration.

Now at a total of 875,653 adverse events, VAERS reports deaths and injuries following COVID vaccines shots.

Between Dec. 14, 2020, and Nov. 5, 2021, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has historically underreported reality as it gets information purely on a voluntary basis. It benefits Big Pharma for VAERS to be the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.

The data reveals a total of:

🔹18,461 reports of deaths — an increase of 383 over the previous week.

🔹135,400 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 7,943 compared with the previous week.

Of the total deaths:

🔹10% occurred within 24 hours of vaccination.

🔹15% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination.

🔹26% occurred in people who experienced an onset of symptoms within 48 hours of being vaccinated.

Last month the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s vaccine panel heard startling information from Dr. Jessica Rose, a viral immunologist and biologist. She said thousands of reports have been submitted to VAERS for children ages 0 to 18, and that 60 children have died — 23 of them were under  2 years old.

“It is disturbing to note that “product administered to patients of inappropriate age was filed 5,510 times in this age group,” Rose said. “Two children were inappropriately injected, presumably by a trained medical professional, and subsequently died. This is malfeasance.”

“Emergency use authorization of biological agents requires the existence of an emergency, and the non-existence of alternate treatments,” Dr. Rose said. “There is no emergency and Covid-19 is exceedingly treatable.”

Dr. Rose explained that 19 times the expected myocarditis events in children are being reported to VAERS following Covid-19 vaccination. She also criticized the targeted censorship of academic journal reporting that highlights the inordinate myocardities and pericarditis events in this age cohort.

Senator Ron Johnson, R-Wis., continues to be outraged by what he views as a massive government overreach.

Vaccine mandates “are freedom-robbing,” Johnson says. “They’re unbelievably coercive.”


“I’ve always thought that nobody should be pressured, coerced, or fear reprisal for refusing any medical treatment, including the COVID vaccine,” Johnson adds. “But we’ve just turned our society, our laws, our ethics on their head during this pandemic. It’s time for Americans to reclaim their freedom.”

“There’s something going on here,” he said. “I believe it is sinister. I can’t explain it… But, hopefully, eventually, the truth will come out.”

“What is going on here? The agencies are not being transparent. They’re not being honest with the American public.”

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  1. Hallo Texas Jack,

    The Pandemic Drivers

    Every chimpanzee knows (instinctively or not) that you have to eat healthy if you want to have a strong immune system, and who doesn’t? We know that, and our kids, should know that too. Only that’s the theory, because we hardly find healthy food in our stores anymore.

    Here in Germany, it’s like this: if you go into a grocery store, you’re standing in the middle of a chemical dump. In addition, there is the increasing poverty. Only a few financially privileged people have the means to eat healthy food, the others have to buy and eat glyphosate.

    Just as important as a healthy diet are fresh air and sporting activities, as well as contact with other people.

    These simple findings of science, were overruled by “our experts” with the hygiene rules, the contact bans, the curfews, the constant disinfecting of hands, the constantly repeating lockdowns.

    Two years after the beginning of the pandemic, we are back to square one. Nothing has improved, everything has gotten worse. Existences have been destroyed, and lives ruined.

    It is time to isolate the establishment and to barrack them, i.e. to hand them over to the judiciary, because they are also part of the establishment here in Germany. What now?

    Greetings from far away.

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