What Will Your State’s Tax Rate Be Under Proposed Democrat Bill?

50 State Descending Order List of Highest Tax Rates

If Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and George Soros have their way, the Democrats’ tax-and-spend reconciliation Bill will increase the average top tax rate on personal income increase to 57.4 percent, according to the Tax Foundation.

This would would make the U.S. the highest tax rate in the developed world, and force all 50 states with a combined federal-state tax rate higher than 50 percent.

The combined federal and state top marginal income tax rates for each state under the Democrat bill are listed in descending order below.

New York: 66.2%

California: 64.7%

New Jersey: 63.2%

Hawaii: 62.4%

Washington, DC: 62.2%

Oregon: 62%

Minnesota: 61.3%

Maryland: 60.4%

Vermont: 60.2%

Kansas: 59.6%

Delaware: 59.3%

Ohio: 59.1%

Wisconsin: 59.1%

Kentucky: 58.9%

Iowa: 58.6%

Maine: 58.6%

Connecticut: 58.4%

South Carolina 58.4%

Pennsylvania: 58.3%

Montana: 58.2%

Nebraska: 58.2%

Michigan: 58.1%

Idaho: 57.9%

Illinois: 57.9%

West Virginia: 57.9%

Missouri: 57.8%

Indiana: 57.5%

Rhode Island: 57.4%

Arkansas: 57.3%

New Mexico: 57.3%

Georgia: 57.2%

Virginia: 57.2%

North Carolina: 56.7%

Alabama: 56.4%

Massachusetts: 56.4%

Mississippi: 56.4%

New Hampshire: 56.4%

Utah: 56.4%

Oklahoma: 56.2%

Colorado: 56%

Arizona: 55.9%

Louisiana: 55%

North Dakota: 54.3%

Alaska: 51.4%

Florida: 51.4%

Nevada: 51.4%

South Dakota: 51.4%

Tennessee: 51.4%

Texas: 51.4%

Washington: 51.4%

Wyoming: 51.4%


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  1. Soros can go to H—!

    He is not an elected official and I am fed up with him running our Country. He belongs in jail for all he has done! I’m sure other Countries would like to see that too!

    As for Biden, Pelosi and the rest of the DNC they can join him in the cell!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Maine’s #16 with our China Friendly Governor Janet Mills, who took $2M surplus to zero within months of taking office. March 26 or 28, 2020 Congress passed CARES ACT. April 11, 2020 Gov. Mill’s signed executive order stating “No oversight committee was allowed to see/watch how she used COVID funds or how $$ was spent in Maine!” Democrats brazenly flaunting their crimes & corruption… in our faces last 2 years. Progressively they’re worsening w/ each passing day, imho, is to push US into civil war so their UN troops can move on in…..the moment they’ve all been salivating and waiting for.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hello fellow Mainer. I can’t offer a great deal in the realm of guarantors of victory. But there’s a lot of grassroots dislike of the ugly hag we have for a governess. There’s a lot of public disobedience potential with the various protest groups cropping up. There’s also mumbling against government overreach, as well as some grassroots initiatives to start to retake Maine for Mainers – it’s all a start. Last time I voted there was a lady doing a petition to defund CMP. Given the shady shit they done to get their stupid little corridor and hinky lawfare surrounding it, there’s a lot of folks souring to corporatism too.

      That all being said. I’d like to hawk a book I read which changed my perspective on a lot of things, and that book was “The Way Life Should Be?” by John Q. Publius. There’s some controversial opinions in it, I won’t lie to you, but if you read it and follow the money trails… It’s grim, yes, but helpful in understanding some of the seemingly erratic behaviours displayed by our bon-representative government.


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