More Mass Terminations of Medical Workers Compromises American Health

Thousands of Americans have lost their healthcare jobs because of unfair COVID-19 vaccination requirements. Many were outright fired for noncompliance, while some were mandated to resign.  

Here are just some of the healthcare organizations that forced workers to leave their employment since mid-summer:

🔹Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center in La Junta, Colo., terminated four employees although they had filed exemptions. They refused to test.

🔹Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colo., terminated 56 employees.

🔹Marlton, N.J.-based Virtua Health lost about 120 employees because of the five-hospital system’s forced vaccination policy.

🔹Advocate Aurora Health, which has dual headquarters in Downers Grove, Ill., and Milwaukee, reported that about 440 workers “have parted ways” with the system because they were unvaccinated by Advocate’s Oct. 15 deadline.

🔹Carbondale-based Southern Illinois Healthcare ousted about 220 people because they did not get vaccinated.

🔹Yale New Haven (Conn.) Health had a reduction of 94 employees Oct. 18 because of the system’s experimental vaccination requirement.

🔹Springfield, Mass.-based Baystate Health fired 90 workers, including 52 per diem employees, who remained unvaccinated Oct. 15.

🔹Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown, N.Y., fired 28 employees because of their vaccination mandate.

🔹Lewiston-based Central Maine Healthcare reported 84 employees “resigned” as of Oct. 11 because of a state vaccination mandate.

🔹Syracuse, N.Y.-based St. Joseph’s Health fired 78 workers for refusing to get the forced vaccinations.

🔹Aurora, Colo.-based UCHealth fired 119 workers — including 54 in the Denver metropolitan area — who refused to get vaccinated, officials said Oct. 4. 119.

🔹About 400 employees unvaccinated against COVID-19 have quit their jobs at Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System.

🔹Falls Church-based Inova Health System lost 89 workers for noncompliance with the system’s Sept. 1 vaccine requirement.

🔹Winchester-based Valley Health forced 72 employees to lose their jobs on Sept. 21, for noncompliance with their Sept. 7 vaccine requirement.

🔹About 38 unvaccinated employees at San Diego-based Scripps Health were terminated on Nov. 1.

🔹Newark, Del.-based ChristianaCare fired about 150 employees in September.

🔹As of Sept. 23, 66 employees left Brewer-based Northern Light Health.  

🔹After a two-week unpaid suspension ending Sept. 14, 125 employees at IU Health left the Indianapolis-based organization after refusing to be vaccinated.

🔹By Sept. 15, the vaccination requirement deadline, Morehead, Ky.-based St. Claire HealthCare had fired 23 employees for noncompliance.

🔹Med Center Health in Bowling Green, Ky., had 180 staff members terminated because of its vaccination requirement.

🔹 As of Sept. 23, 58 of Portland-based MaineHealth’s staff members had to leave their jobs.

🔹West Orange, N.J.-based RWJBarnabas Health fired six workers for not complying with its vaccination mandate. 

🔹A total of 1,400 employees of New Hyde Park, N.Y.-based Northwell Health either resigned or were terminated for refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

🔹About 250 of New York City-based NewYork-Presbyterian employees were forced out in September.

🔹Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse, N.Y., suspended or fired 113 employees for refusing to get vaccinated by the state’s mandate deadline Sept. 27.

🔹Eleven Olean (N.Y.) General Hospital workers resigned because of the state’s vaccination mandate, which requires healthcare workers at hospitals and nursing homes to receive their first vaccine dose by Sept. 27. 

🔹Lewis County Health System, a single-hospital system in Lowville, N.Y., closed its maternity unit after 30 staff resigned over the state’s vaccination mandate.

🔹Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Novant Health fired about 175 employees.

🔹About 60 employees resigned from their jobs at UNC Health, the Chapel Hill, N.C.-based system.

🔹St. Luke’s University Health Network, a Bethlehem, Pa.-based system forced 68 full-time employees and 87 part-time/per diem employees to “resign” Sept. 25.

🔹Tidelands Health fired one of its employees for not complying with the Georgetown, S.C.-based system’s vaccination mandate.

🔹Charleston-based Medical University of South Carolina Health fired five of its employees for not complying with its vaccination mandate.

🔹About 40 CHI Memorial employees were forced out of the Chattanooga,Tenn.- based organization because they declined to get the experimental vaccinations against COVID-19.

🔹At Houston Methodist, 153 employees either lost their jobs for noncompliance with its vaccination mandate. Most of them are suing the system because of Texas laws and actions.

🔹Winchester, Va.-based Valley Health terminated 72 people.

🔹Three Rivers Hospital, a Brewster, Wash.-based hospital had six people leave due to the liberal state’s vaccination mandate.


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  1. Years ago, I watched the movie “No Such Thing”, it’s a foreign, apparently dubbed, movie about a immortal monster that is brought back to civilization (as a media celebrity) and wants to be put to death, but the immortal thing needs a work around in the movie. Enter Dr. Artaud, hired to find out how to euthanize an immortal creature. It’s questionable if it worked or not, I think they were leaving the options open for a sequel. That movie is where I derived my Screen Name, I’m not a doctor.

    But I am a patient, unfortunately. My wife was a Medical Assistant, I was seen by the Doctors she worked for (Family, Pulmonary, Cardiac, over the years). I am a Trained Optician, I almost completed a Pharmacy Technician Course (I left school to accept a job I just retired from after 25 years). I have read more than my share of Medical Literature. I have declined medications that doctors wanted me to take because they were contraindicated by other medication I take, and when they tried to prove me wrong they proved me right.

    That aside, responsible Epidemiologists were predicting deaths from cancer and other diseases, likely in numbers exceeding covid deaths, from the lack of the normal screening for cancer and other diseases because of covid precautions, because of suicides, because of domestic abuse, because of illicit drug use, mostly due to Lock-Downs, and lack of interpersonal connections, and hobbies, and activities, due to covid precautions.

    They actually calculated that some people would be saved due to decreased traffic from non-essential stores being closed, but overall, many more would die from the above.

    The loss of trained medical personnel will be reflected in additional losses, since even a person capable of doing the job will not know, initially, the subtleties of doing the job.

    Stunning News On Preventable Deaths In Hospitals

    “In 1999, Americans learned that 98,000 people were dying every year from preventable errors in hospitals. That came from a widely touted analysis by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) called To Err Is Human. This was the “Silent Spring” of the health care world, grabbing headlines for revealing a serious and deadly problem that required policy and action.

    As it turns out, those were the good old days.

    According to a new study just out from the prestigious Journal of Patient Safety, four times as many people die from preventable medical errors than we thought, as many as 440,000 a year.”

    Forbes has had articles on this topic for several years. 2013, the year of the article linked to, is the first year I’ve read their coverage on it.

    With the loss of seasoned and experienced medical staff, the deaths from Medically Preventable Errors in hospitals will increase exponentially. 440,000 dying every year from Hospital Errors will seem like a drop in the bucket. I know this, Clever Journeys has articulated many examples of the loss of staff due to the “vaccine” so they know this, the CDC knows this, and the FDA knows this. Since the authorities know this, and they are pushing the vaccine to the point of firing trained and knowledgeable staff for not being vaccinated, the loss of lives must be the desired goal, one can draw no other conclusion.

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  2. It is possible that nurses and doctors know that they are immune already and they see patients suffering from vaccine side effects? This is why they prefer to leave their jobs? I wish the Government would have more conversations

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  3. As an LPN I was terminated on 11/23/21. I was employed for 32+ years at this facility. I wore all the assigned PPE and took my testing biweekly. My understanding is the mandate is on hold as it is in appeals court at this time, yet I was still terminated. I was told I will not receive the COVID bonus since I was terminated although I worked the entire time frame (3/20-9/21). Any suggestions for me would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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