Democrats $3.5 Billion ‘Infastrucure’ Package Is Shocking

The $3.5 Trillion Human Infrastructure package includes an animal agriculture tax of $2,600 per head of cattle? $500 for swine. This is the Democrats war on ranchers and meat.

Don’t believe the $3.5 trillion figure propaganda from Democrats and Mainstream Media. According to several studies, including the non-partisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, the true cost is nearer to $5.5 trillion. Even liberal The New York Times reported this week that the current bill is “likely to cost well over $3.5 trillion.”

Figuring out the true cost could take some time. The bill, formally known as the Build Back Better Act, weighs in at 2,465 pages and 444,311 words.

This and other atrocities are slowly being revealed as more politicians and voters finally have an opportunity to read it. Here are just some of the items in the spending bill.

🔹Over $7.5 billion for a “Civilian Climate Corps.”

🔹More than $7 billion for upgrading the U.S. Postal Service to electric vehicles.

🔹$5 billion for environmental and “climate justice” block grants.

🔹$1.4 billion in “climate change research.”

🔹$3 billion for a tree-planting program “with a priority for projects that increase tree equity.”

How many trees did it take to make this poster?

🔹$4 billion for “neighborhood access and equity grants.”

🔹$2.8 billion to increase the capacity of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to give lawful permanent residence to illegal immigrants into the U.S.

🔹$198 million in funding for “school leadership programs” dedicated to school principals for development and training programs. Can you say Critical Race Theory?

🔹$1 billion for an”electric vehicle charging equity program.”

🔹A boost of $78.94 billion over the next 10 years to go to the Internal Revenue Service expand audits and tax enforcement activities. This includes hiring thousands more employees and an additional $410 million for IRS oversight over taxpayers.

🔹$25 million would go to “nonprofit organizations” to develop “anti-discrimination and bias training” for the health care sector, and another $15 million for national resource centers “focused on providing services for older individuals who are underserved due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

🔹$300 million to hire more federal government workers to enforce more “environmental reviews.” This includes purchasing new equipment and assets.

🔹$5 million to implement electronic voting systems for union elections. Do I hear “Dominion?”

🔹Union members would each get a new IRS deduction of up to $250 for dues paid to a labor organization,

Observers see this as one of many provisions to pay back unions for their votes. “extracurricular activities” and affairs to support the controversial election of Joe Biden and Democrats in 2020.


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  1. Gee, sounds reasonable. Can’t imagine any real American would not want to help pay for these worth while programs.

    I understand there is 25 million for fresh water mussels

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  2. I’ve heard that the electric charging stations are worthless and just for show. You can’t get enough charge to your vehicle to get anywhere. Also don’t forget the 300 million $$$$ study on protecting wild animals from crossing the road and getting hit by cars.

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