Urgent Action Item for Patriots Against Federal Charge per Mile in Your Car

The US House is set to pass a multi-trillion infrastructure bill on September 30 that includes a charge by mile pilot program.

Charging you for every mile (.08 cents per mile) you drive is a like a national toll tax. We all know how fast tolls go up, too. This is part of the agenda to tax you out of your car and make it so you have little ability to drive because it’ll be unaffordable.

We’ve learned most pilot programs become PERMANENT quickly, especially since this bill also gives Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg a virtual blank check to implement it as he sees fit with no further input from congress (which is just the way they like it – they can pass the buck – and blame – to the bureaucrats!).


The only way to stop this train wreck is to melt down the phones of your member of congress as well as 4 senators:

1) Call your member of congress. Find out who represents you here. (Note: Be sure to contact your US Representative, not your state rep and state senator)

2) Call these U.S. Senators

U.S. Senator John Cornyn at 202-224-2934

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz at 202-224-5922

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin at 202-224-3954

U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema at 202-224-4521

The first two are our U.S. senators from Texas. Cornyn is a elitist globalist who has no problem with tolls, higher taxes, big spending, and bad road policy like this charge by mile scheme that knocks the ‘peasants’ off our public roads so they can whiz around with ease. He’s a squish and needs encouragement from Texans to vote ‘No’ on this bill.

The last two are considered moderate Democrats from swing states who are not necessarily an automatic ‘yes’ for everything their party is trying to push. 

I haven’t been able to confirm (it’s 10:30 p.m. here Wednesday in Texas), but am hearing Manchin will vote against Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi on this.

They also need encouragement to stand strong against this bill. It will hurt the working class in the midst of an exceptionally tight labor market.

If you can’t reach their DC office number, call their district offices until you reach a LIVE person!
Read how Republicans are more than happy to go along with the bill HERE.


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