Democrat Tax Scheme for Journalists Not Popular With Voters

There is no secret the Democrats and Mainstream Media are in bed with each other.

The latest Democrat scheme to reward them for their slanted opinions, fake news and loyalty is their attempt to provide a tax credit up to $50,000 for print and online journalists.

Pelosi scheme rewards loyal journalists

Like most proposals the socialist left dig up, most Americans are against their latest tax scam.

Over 54% of real voters are opposed to the proposal. According to a new Scott Rasmussen survey 19% of voters favor it. As usual, the uninformed or undecided, at 27%, are just not sure.

The proposal is part of the reconciliation package being considered by Congress. Thirty six percent (36%) strongly oppose the idea, and 6% strongly favor.

The proposal is at least “somewhat supported” by 30% of Democrats, 18% of independents, and only 10% of Republicans.


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