Why Aren’t More Hispanic Voters Doing What They’re Told By Democrats?

On Election Day, President Donald Trump picked up Florida’s 29 electoral votes early that Tuesday evening. This defied mainstream media and Democratic talking points.

Of course, the Cuban-American vote in Florida was decisive, breaking 56-41 for the Republican incumbent compared to an even 49-49 split among non-Cuban voters.

Especially concerning for Democrats were losses of Hispanic voters in both Nevada and Colorado, even with the ballot stuffing that occurred.

Trump made significant gains with Hispanic Americans who were both previously left-leaning and unlikely to vote by persuading these Americans. He mobilized them.

In the Texas Rio Grande Valley a significant number of Hispanic Americans went from being left-leaning election abstainers to Trump voters in 2020. President Trump broke records.

Just before the November Election, the New York Times was wrong again as they bolstered that Hispanic men were driving this trend, as Trump appealed to their “machismo culture.” 

The Times’ propaganda failed as we learned that between 2016 and 2020, Trump gained far more ground with Hispanic women.

Mainstream Media missed the mark trying to downplay the border crisis. Instead they attempted to highlight their version of the Democratic party’s economic positions, while reducing the electoral relevance of immigration.

Coupled with the Democrats steadily eroding support among non-college-educated white voters, the border wall and Trump’s stance for only legal immigration was strong.

By July, Pew Research revealed the 2020 election resulted in support for Trump among Hispanics that had increased 10 percent from the 2016 election. Trump also outperformed Republicans running in House elections in 2018.

“Trump made gains among Hispanic voters. While Biden took a 59% majority of the Hispanic vote, Trump (with 38%) gained significantly over the level of support Republican candidates for the House received in 2018 (25%),” according to Pew.

Trump had a five percent larger share of women’s votes in 2020 compared to 2016. Even before we know the results of true election audits, it is obvious Trump earned far more votes from Hispanics and women than was reported.

Today, right at 44% of voters that the Census Bureau would define as Hispanic define themselves that way.

A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that, given a range of options:

🔹22% define themselves as white.

🔹17% as American.

🔹6% as Black.

🔹6% as mixed.

🔹4% as Asian.

The Census Bureau asks people if they are of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin and then asks a follow-up question about their race.


🔹47% of voters nationwide define themselves as white.

🔹31% say American.

🔹11% Black.

🔹5% Hispanic.

🔹2% Asian.

🔹2% mixed.

🔹2% other.

Professor Richard Alba points out that many people now considered White were considered minorities in the 20th century. That includes people of Italian, Irish, and Jewish heritage, among many others.

He also points out that people from Mexico were counted as White until 1980.


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