YugeFlags for Trump Sales Up Over 1000%

Dion Cini, the man who was recently barred from Major League Baseball venues for hanging “Trump Won” banners says his Trump-merchandise business is prospering.

Cini has been an avid supporter of President Donald Trump and owns an online store called YugeFlags.com.

He said sales of his Trump products had surged since he dropped a “Trump Won” banner at Yankee Stadium on May 27. He posted body-camera footage of his stunt on Twitter and YouTube with a watermark advertising his website.

Besides the Yankees game, he continued dropping the banners at  other stadiums.  This sparked demand for his products after sales declined harshly following the Capitol insurrection on January 6.

Cini took his stunts to Citi Field, Fenway Park, and Citizens Bank Park before getting a letter from MLB in June saying he was no longer allowed to attend games.

“My factory can’t even keep up with the amount of orders,” Cini revealed. “It went up thousands of percentages because there were no sales — well, not really no sales — between January 6 and early June. So sales were just flat for flags.”

A viral photo of Cini’s stunt at Yankee Stadium, where he and an accomplice hung the flag over the second deck as a fan gave him the middle finger from a lower level, has been valuable marketing for his products — he credited much of his recent success to that photo.

A man in the lower deck of an MLB ballpark holds up his middle fingers at a large banner that says "Trump Won: Save America" hanging from the deck.
A “Trump Won” banner at an MLB game. 

“After the Yankees, the sales just exploded, and I didn’t expect it, and the reason why is because of that money shot. That’s what I’m always after — I’m always after the money shot,” Cini said. “You can’t pay for advertising like that. It would cost millions if not tens of millions of dollars to get that kind of advertising.”

“Another thing I’ve been trying to do is help Trump also get free advertising too by injecting the words ‘Trump Won’ into the media,” he added.

Cini used his MLB banishment to market his products. He told his followers on Twitter that if they purchased a banner from YugeFlags.com and posted a video of themselves hanging it at a sporting event, they’d get a full refund.

One person took Cini up on the offer by dropping a “Trump Won” banner during a San Diego Padres game at Petco Park.

“The secret of flag-dropping is not the flag drop, it’s the photography,” Cini said. “It’s all part of the guerilla marketing experience.”

“I’m also getting phone calls from a lot of people who want me to work on their campaigns or work on their advertising agencies because I figured out an algorithm on how you can get $100 million in advertising for a $10 ticket.”

Cini’s business originates from a similar stunt at Yankee Stadium in July 2018, when he hung a “Trump 2020” banner during a game against the Kansas City Royals. Cini said Trump himself reached out to encourage him to continue hanging the banners.


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  1. Yes, the banners are a very nice stunt and great publicity for the company. But…

    I am becoming more increasingly concerned that something may be hatched by those currently controlling /occupying the White House to take the pressure off, “Leave ’em Behind Biden”. After all, no one likes to change war time CIC. Far fetched? Perhaps. Hopefully. But, remember the invasion of Iraq because of Saddam’s atrocities? Remember news accounts of babies being thrown from windows and taken from incubators?


    We are beginning to hear of threats to Afghani women. Biden probably left behind Americans. He certainly screwed things up.What wouldn’t he or the Left do to have a “do-over”. Even some GOPers are rattling the sabres to go back…”if needed”. Some of these guys didn’t give much more than luke-warm lip service to Trump.

    America – Left, Right and Center are being played by forces that can only be described as diabolical.


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